Midnight Texas is about a town and its residents all of whom seem to have gone off the deep end a long time back. Imagine a town where everyone has a sordid past, and that’s your serial right there. It’s a town where serial killers are considered excellent neighbors, vampires are greeted with flowers, and the police enjoy killing the odd tourist just for fun. It’s a fun place to be if you’re someone who is a serial killer looking to retire but only if it wasn’t for that biker gang! Yea, the biker gang, is the worst, they harass the town’s respectable folks, and so everyone needs to band together to fight them off.

If you’re into watching nutty serials, then make sure to mark your calendar for this one.  If you don’t have television, then below is how you can stream Midnight Texas online!

Live Stream Midnight Texas Online with Sling TV

Want to watch live television on your smartphone or iPad? Well if you do then you’re not alone because like all millennials we watch live TV on our devices too thanks to Sling TV. You can subscribe to Sling TV for just $20 a month which buys you NBC along with a host of other channels such as AMC, ESPN 2, Disney and Bloomberg amongst many others. Plus, the Sling TV app has a pretty small footprint, so you don’t need to worry about running out space on your puny iPad or cheap smartphone.

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

Watch Midnight, Texas without Cable

AT&T TV NOW is a lot like Sling but includes a slightly different set of channels and costs a bit more. There’s a seven day free trial so there’s no obligation to you and you’ll be streaming scores of channels on the go including NBC and Midnight, Texas all day long.


Watch Midnight Texas Online Using the Official NBC Website and app

The NBC app and website makes it very easy for fans of Midnight Texas to live stream the channel for free. Subscribers to NBC via their cable service provider can also watch past and present episodes of the show along with those of other shows like American Ninja Warrior. However, the keyword here is ‘subscriber’ which means you can’t just pay online and start streaming you need to contact a local cable service provider, have a television in your living room and pay the guy an advance. If you’re not up for all these steps, then don’t sweat it! We have other options.


Streaming Midnight Texas on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

The good old days were when you could simply switch to Netflix and know that your favorite show was on there. But lately, that hasn’t been the case and unfortunately like all other NBC shows Midnight Texas is not going to be available on Netflix! Yea we know that’s a huge kick in the groin but if you’re into streaming then subscribe to Hulu which has a growing database of serials and movies including Midnight Texas. Though some episodes can get delayed, you’re sure to find both past and present episodes of the show here and the option to pay extra and skip through the irritating commercials.

You’ll soon be able to download episodes of Midnight Texas via Amazon Prime at around $3 a pop. Though word of caution a 60-minutes, long HD video file takes up a lot of drive space so for all those who are stuck with puny 16GB iPhones you better start cleaning house now!

Other Ways You Can Stream Midnight Texas?

We are not aware of any other legit methods of streaming Midnight Texas, unfortunately. But maybe that’s for the good because you don’t want to end up streaming free yet pirated content and then pleading guilty to piracy and end up behind bars.