Iliza used to work as an entertainment news presenter at “Snap Crackle Pop Culture” until she had the ultimate meltdown and quit. Part of the reason why she left apart from all the crappy jokes she had to put up with on camera was because turning 31 sort of pressed her button! Though turning 31 for some people can be scary, Iliza makes sure that you think twice before ever celebrating turning 31. As a matter of fact, the show highlights just about everything that’s bad with being 31 from hangovers, to dating and even infidelity. The jokes are hilarious!  Oh and if you’re turning 31 in a few months better hold off on watching it.

Watch Forever 31 Online Using the Official ABC App and Website

Forever 31 is the type of serial that’s made for online consumption. ABC wants to make sure that everyone who’s subscribed to the channel can also watch past and present episodes of series like Forever 31. The network also throws in an official ABC app for iOS and Android devices which means you can stream on the go. However, the keyword here is ‘subscriber’ and in case you’re missing the point you need to subscribe to ABC via your cable service provider. If you don’t then don’t fret just yet, you have other options!


Live Stream Forever 31 with Sling TV

When you have Sling TV turning 31 does not mean you’re too old to learn a new trick of which Sling TV has many. Sling TV is the best way to live stream shows like Forever 31, the Strain, The Exorcist, Sleepy Hollow etc. If you think about it, $20 for a month with dozens of shows is like free! Even the laziest, broke, and foolhardy shopper has $20 on their credit card! That said if you want live stream ABC, you’ll need to pay a bit more ($25) for the 30+ channels package. Once you’ve subscribed just download the app for your smart device and start streaming, it couldn’t be any easier!

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

Watch Forever 31 Live with AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW is one of the leading cord cutting services run by none other than AT&T. The service live streams numerous channels which include ABC as part of the package. So, fans of Forever 31 should be able to live stream the show on the go via DIRECTV’s apps for mainly iOS and Android devices. Since most people watching the show are probably under 30, AT&T has kept the pricing comparatively low starting at $35 a month. Try the service for free via the button below before pulling out your credit card.


Streaming Forever 31 on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

It’s unfortunate that ABC is not friends with Netflix because that means you can’t stream Forever 31. Though Netflix has truckloads of other great programs but ABC’s serials are not part of it. However, if you’re into streaming try Hulu. Hulu has all the episodes of Forever 31 at no extra cost. Though if you pay more, you skip through all the irritating commercials.

If you’re the type of millennial who would rather download and watch later maybe during math class, then Amazon Prime is a good option. Download all the episodes of Forever 31 you want at $2.99 a pop! Obviously, there are cheaper options you’ll be using your parent’s credit card anyway.

Other Ways of Streaming Forever 41

Above are all the straight and narrow ways you can stream Forever 31. Unfortunately, they are not free because networks, actors, and directors all need to pay for those mansions in Beverly Hills. Though if you try so called freebie websites often based in Russia, there is a good chance you’ll be thrown in jail for piracy!