Timeless is about a time machine thief. Thief is played by Goran Visnjic who steals a time traveling machine to go back in time and change the history of America. His goal is to destroy the country. It makes you wonder why would someone just leave a time machine hanging around the yard for someone to steal? However, now that it’s stolen it is up to a team of time traveling lawmen consisting of a history professor named Lucy, a soldier called Wyatt and a scientist called Rufus. While we are glad that American television has moved up a notch from saving the day to saving history many people seem to think that the plot resembles a Spanish serial by the name of ‘El ministerio del tiempo’ or Ministry of Time in English.

If you’re into time traveling, cat and mouse type chases, then Timeless is worth watching. If you don’t have the time to sit around the television below is how you can do it on the move via your mobile device.

Watch Timeless Online Using the Official NBC Website and app

Watching Timeless like any other NBC show is very easy and free. You can stream it live via NBC’s official website, or you can stream current and past episodes for free via the NBC app which is available for a host of devices including Android and iOS. However, you’ll need to be an active subscriber to NBC via your trusty and crusty cable service provider because without that you can’t log in with your credentials. The only workaround we can think of is borrowing your parent’s credentials.


Live Stream Timeless Online with Sling TV

Even though Sling TV is no time machine but it’s still a lot cheaper, faster and flexible than the official NBC app. Streaming Timeless via Sling TV is a breeze because you can stream NBC live. So all you need is to tune into the NBC on your mobile device via the Sling TV app to start streaming. Plus, at around $20 a month for the basic package we reckon is a lot cheaper than regular cable but you get many more channels like AMC, CNN, Polaris+, etc. All these channels should help keep you entertained all day every day.

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Streaming Timeless on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

Netflix maybe one of the best streaming services but you will not find Timeless here anytime soon. As a matter of fact, Netflix seems to have had a falling out with NBC. However, you should be able to find just about every episode as soon as it airs on NBC available at Hulu. The only drawback to the cheap Hulu streaming package are the commercials.

Amazon Prime should have all episodes of Timeless available for download. However, there is no official word at the moment from NBC or Amazon. Though if the network’s history is anything go by we have a good feeling about it!

Other Ways of Streaming Timeless Online

Many websites offer Timeless for free; it’s something a quick Google search should help you determine. But many if not all these sites are run by pirates. Since piracy is a crime and we’re sure you don’t want to spend time in prison we strongly ask that you steer clear of so-called free streaming websites. Many of these websites are known to steal identities so don’t be surprised if someone called Viktor starts using your credit cards in Moscow.