If you’re not a video game fan or haven’t played a video game lately, Quantum Break started out as a video game of the same name, developed by Remedy Entertainment. While the game enjoyed some success, it was scheduled to be turned into what’s called a live action science fiction series based on the video game.

Quantum Break sort of pickups from where the game kind of leaves off or maybe it doesn’t. It follows Paul Serene and Martin Hatch, both employees of Monarch Solutions along with three other sidekicks to prevent the end of time. The entire series is shot in a sort of first-person perspective of the villains, yup no kidding the villains.

The series is aired on Syfy if you haven’t already guessed…I mean who else takes chances like that?

So, if you’re keen to dip your toes into a unique Syfy series and hate watching the end of time on your television, below is how you can stream Quantum Break series online.

Streaming Quantum Break with the Official Syfy App and Website

The official Syfy website allows you to watch just about any and every episode of Quantum Break that has been aired so far. You can also stream the channel live. But like everything else in life, there is a catch i.e. you need to be a subscriber to their network via your cable service provider. You’ll be asked for a username and password. The iPad, iPhone and Android app allows you to stream Quantum Break for free on your mobile device.


If you are too poor for cable or simply cannot be bothered, then probably beg someone for their credentials…putting out a plea on Facebook may help. But don’t despair if all of that fails because there are a few other things you can try.

Watch Quantum Break on Netflix, Amazon or Sling

At the moment, you’ll not be able to find Quantum Break TV series on any of these popular online services. It’s unfortunate because most people who play video games don’t necessarily subscribe to cable, they are more angled towards online streaming services.

Sling does have a free trial so head over there now to check it out. They don’t have Quantum Break but it’s a great deal.

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Watch Quantum Break Live with AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW live streams the latest episodes of popular shows like Quantum Break directly via its app for Android and iOS devices. The service live streams dozens of channels with A&E being one of them. Similar to cable you can switch to any channel via the app on your device. Starting at $35 a month its cheaper than cable but unlike regular cable you can access your favorite channel from anywhere within the US! Try the service for free via the button below.


Don’t Break the Law of Quantum Mechanics.. or Man

Well since there is just one way to catch your favorite video game cum TV series you may be open to other more nefarious methods. Though these copyright infringing online streaming websites are dangerous, what’s more, dangerous is that they may run away with your personal details.

If you’re so misguided and motivated, you can Google “Watch Quantum Break for free online” and you’ll come across dozens of websites that stream Syfy for free. Though it’s not going to be HD quality and you’ll have irritating pop-ups to swat but it’s free!

Catch you at the end of the world or time as its called!