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“It seems today, that all ya see…”

Has any television show so accurately captured the dysfunctional nature of the American family only to rally it all back around to show that, yeah, while we might all be dysfunctional, we’re still really happy?

Family guy has had quite the hot streak for the last decade, albeit it wasn’t without a rocky start. Many likely remember in the early years, the show was abruptly cancelled after only a few seconds. But Family Guy was in luck. This was at a time where a technological revolution was taking place: the DVD box set.

Fox noticed something funny after they cancelled Family guy; tons and tons of people were buying the first two seasons on DVD and viewers were tuning in en masse to the syndicated reruns on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Stores couldn’t keep them in stock because of how popular the show got following its cancellation. Wisely, Fox quickly jumped on the opportunity to use this “early” example of big data to determine that the fans were out there, and they wanted more Family Guy.

Well now here we are, over 10 years later, and Family Guy is on its 13th season, and going strong on Fox. Now in the digital age, it appears Family Guy is as strong as ever.

Live Stream Family Guy via DIRECTV NOW

Catchup on all the latest episodes of Family Guy from just about anywhere in the US via a DIRECTV NOW subscription. Operated by AT&T the service live streams an array of channels via their app for iOS, Android, XBoxOne and Chromecast devices. Plus at $35 a month and no need for a long term commitment its a worthy cable replacement for any Family Guy loving millennial. Start live streaming today via the link below:

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Sling Also has Fox and Most other Cable Channels

If you’re looking for the cheapest option for streaming Family Guy online look no further than Sling. You not only get Fox with all those shows, you get cable networks like Comedy Central, CMT and Lifetime Original Movies. There’s a seven day free trial so check that out now:

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Watch Family Guy online

Netflix: Unlike another Fox series that shall remain nameless, fans of Family Guy can watch every complete season of Family Guy except the most recent. Currently that means there are 12 seasons of Family Guy on Netflix free to stream.

Hulu: Hulu has the real hookup here though, as Family Guy on Hulu has every episode including the most recent season’s episodes. Fox is a partial owner of Hulu so it makes sense that they would make the most content available. Of course there are still ads to deal with, so there’s the downside compared to Netflix for the earlier seasons.

Amazon Instant Video: Don’t have a subscription to Hulu or Netflix? You can stream episodes on Amazon Instant Video but they cost a few bucks per episode. Amazon has Family Guy’s most recent season’s episodes which is great for those looking to play a bit of catch up.

iTunes: Similar to Amazon, Family Guy is on iTunes, but for a small fee. SD for $1.99 an episode, HD for $2.99, no surprises here. Probably just a preference between Apple and Amazon if you’re looking to pay a few bucks to watch some Amazon, but just as a reminder, iTunes can’t be (easily) Chromecasted, while Amazon makes it considerably easier.

Google Play: And… just like Amazon and iTunes, you can pick and choose your favorite episodes to stream on Google Play as well for $1.99 an episode.

For the mega-fan in all of us, you can still buy the DVD box sets, which contain quite a bit of behind the scenes footage, bonus materials and other fun extras that streaming the show just won’t offer. And while we’ll assume you will always be able to watch Family Guy online, we might have thought the same thing about King of the Hill and look what happened there…

Check out some Family Guy highlights below: