Freeform is a cable television channel mostly viewed right here in the good old USA. Now owned by the ABC Family Worldwide it is, in fact, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company and ABC Television Group. However, if you still don’t recognize this channel then it’s because since its launch in 1977 it has gone through various name changes, they probably hold the record for most name changes! If you’re a millennial, you wouldn’t believe it, but it used to be an extension of the Christian television ministry! Then in 1981 it evolved into the Family Channel.

Freeform is quite literally a channel for millennials i.e. between the ages of 14-24. Though most programs are aimed at young women (Pretty Little Liars), the one off original series and movies are worth watching if you’re a man or boy too.

If you want to watch the dozens of programs aired by Freeform, then check out our guide below on how to watch Freeform online for free!

Freeform (formerly The Family Channel) also Streams Live on DIRECTV NOW

Another al la carte service for cable haters is called DIRECTV NOW and while it may have been founded by a “cable company” it’s anything but. Similar to Sling, you can choose from an inexpensive package and get streaming access to Freeform series but also to the kinds of channels you’d expect to find on a slim cable package like Comedy Central, ABC and even Fox News. Check it out here and give it a 7 day free trial.

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Watch Freeform on Sling TV Live for Free

Freeform is one of the many channels offered by Sling TV’s so-called virtual cable service. When you sign up for an account with Sling TV, it gives you the ability to stream Freeform online live for free along with dozens of other channels for a small sum of $19.99. So, you can literally stream your favorite shows when on the road via any internet enabled device.

Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

Watch Freeform Live on Freeform’s Official Website

The first place to go would be to Freeform’s official website which offers live streaming of all the latest shows. However, there is a catch! You’ll need to be a subscriber to Freeform via your cable service provider, then enter in your credentials to start streaming live. Subscribers are treated to present and past episodes of their favorite shows which are available both via their mobile devices and the regular web browser. In addition to Andriod and iOS, you can stream Freeform via Roku and Apple TV. That said it’s only free if you’re a subscriber or know someone who is, because other than that you have no other way of live streaming the channel.

The PlayStation Vue has Freeform

You can stream Freeform via the PlayStation Vue, which if you don’t yet know about has very little to do with the PlayStation console and everything to do with live streaming channels. There are three packages offered by the Vue but if Freeform is the channel you want to watch then the basic $39.99 Access package will do the trick. Though we personally find it a 2x more expensive compared to Sling TV but maybe the dozens of ways to stream channels to your smart TV and just about any portable entertainment device on the planet is worth the extra dough!

 Avoid Pirating Freeform content! You know it’s wrong. Use one of the official channels above.