Here’s How to Stream Your Favorite Baseball Teams Online

mlb free online

Ah, live sports, like a giant pair of handcuffs keeping us all handcuffed to our cable television packages.

But things have gotten a lot better as of late, and it’s getting easier and easier to stream your favorite sports online. Most notably, we’ve seen a big shift in the MLB as of late, with major focus on making it easier to stream your favorite team’s games online.

The MLB offers season passes to your favorite team, and depending on what television network your team is streaming on, there are some great options like Sling, which has a free trial.

Here are some specific guides to your favorite teams, which we will be updating more as we create them:

The MLB also has free streaming weekends where they’ll make it free to subscribe to all streaming services. This is a great way to test out their individual season passes to see if you like the functionality of their service.

It’s good to see major sports adopting a more friendly policy towards internet access to live streams of their respective games. Piracy and illegal streams of games drastically increase when live streams aren’t an option. And trying to simply fight against the piracy and illegal streams is like trying to shove toothpaste back into the bottle.

Bringing an easy and relatively affordable option of live streaming legally is a major win for both Major League Baseball as well as baseball fans everywhere.

One thing that’s a bit trickier, is that the MLB blacks out local broadcasts if a game doesn’t sell enough tickets. This is an antiquated practice and likely won’t end up lasing too much longer as more people demand live streams of their local teams. There are ways around this with VPN services, but those generally violate the TOS of streaming apps.

Do you currently stream baseball online? How have you found the experience to be? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.