The Chicago White Sox are one of the most loved baseball team in Illinois. While the White Sox have yet to pull out a World Series win in recent times, the vast majority of fans associate some sort of sentimental value with the team. That said the team does not totally suck.

If you want to stream the Chicago White Sox for free online, mainly because you don’t want to pay a huge cable bill and be tied down to the television only to find that they lost, then we have a few options. There are a couple of official options that we’ll go over, but they are not free. Anything that’s official has to make money legally apparently so expect to pay a few dollars but on the flip side, you’ll be streaming the White Sox on just about any mobile device you own.

Watch The Chicago White Sox on the Official Site or App

The Chicago White Sox has an official website that people can visit for all the latest updates, videos and game schedules. However, the official website does not stream live matches or have complete matches for free. Though much of the content is free, and it may be enough for the average Joe to find out what’s happening but it’s probably not the best option for diehard free streaming fans.


We’d be the first to admit that this is not the best way to watch the Chicago White Sox free online but it’s surely free and legal.  The MLB wants you to subscribe to their official service called It costs 100+ dollars per year to subscribe. But if you just want to watch the White Sox online you can pay less. (see below)

Watch Lots of White Sox Games on Sling Live

Sling TV is not particularly a Chicago White Sox service but rather an online cable service provider alternative. Like regular cable you need to sign up but unlike regular cable, you can stream all the channels listed on your iOS and Android device. The upside is that you get all the channels i.e. ESPN and ESPN2 that stream almost every Chicago White Sox game for free. You can catch MLB action from all the other teams as well.

Unless you are dirt poor, you can afford $19.99 a month for Sling TV and cut the cord so to speak.

Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

Watch The Chicago White Sox  Live via DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW enables Chicago White Sox fans to live stream their team whenver they play. The service is owned by AT&T which means that if you’re already an AT&T subscriber, you can stream all the White Sox games without having to worry about data charges. The basic package called ‘Live a Little’ starts at $35 a month and includes both Fox Sports and ESPN 1&2. If you want to watch the MLB Network too then expect to pay $50 a month for a ‘Just Right’ subscription. Still unsure? try out the service for 7 days via the link below prior to committing.

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Sign up for to Stream the White Sox

MLB TV broadcasts everything MLB related including the latest games, scores, and gossip. The website allows users to stream the Chicago White Sox free online but only if they have subscribed to the channel via their service provider. So, if you’re not a subscriber you’ll probably have to brush up on your begging skills to use the streaming service for free.

If your begging skills suck but have some money to burn $19.99 buys you a month’s subscription. You can also subscribe to a special package which is $24.99 a month. These packages are obviously expensive compared to having a cable subscription but then again you’re a baseball fan, and spending on baseball should be your no.1 priority.

Don’t Try and Pirate the White Sox Game!

You can google phrases like “Watch Chicago White Sox for free” and there are dozens of websites that offer free streaming. The catch is that they are breaching copyright, and so are you. The sites will also install malicious software on your computer.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you already!