The Cubs are finally winners! They brought home the big prize recently and now everyone is basically a Chicago Cubs fan (well, except for people in St Louis, and Cleveland…and… oh well). They share a division with the Cardinals, Pirates, Brewers and Reds.

Here are several different ways to watch the Cubbies online, live and streaming.

Live Stream the Cubs on Sling TV

When it comes to baseball or any other sport for that matter, Sling TV is probably the cheapest option. Think of Sling TV as your online equivalent of cable television but without the cable. You can stream the Chicago Cubs live via Sling’s channels such as ESPN and ESPN2 as well as Fox Sports, which is part of the $19.99 monthly package.

Sling TV is a service that’s very near free because you get access to dozens of other channels which you can stream via their Android and iOS apps.

Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

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Stream games anywhere using a VPN

If you already have access to a streaming service, but you want to watch a game not broadcasting in your local area, consider using a VPN service to allow streaming of your favorite team. For example, if you’re in Texas, but want to watch The Cubs online, a VPN like NordVPN will allow you to do just that.


Fubo has most Live MLB Games Too!

Fubo is another service where cable is not required and you’ll get access to almost every MLB game you need for a low monthly fee you can cancel at any time. Give FuboTV a try as well:

Try Fubo Free

If the Cubs are on ESPN, Try ESPN+

If your team has a special evening game on Sunday Night Baseball or ESPN, you’ll need ESPN+ or one of the streaming services with ESPN included to stream said game:

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Use Hulu Live to watch games online

Hulu is one of biggest names when it comes to offering live streams. So if the baseball game you’re hoping to stream is on one of the networks they have available in their packages, this will also be a good plan for you to consider!

Try Hulu Live Free Watch the Cubs Online Officially

Yes, you’ve guessed it this is the official MLB website, and the link up there is to the official team’s page. The page hosts hours of free streaming highlights, interviews and news about the team. If anything the information is good enough to remain up to date on what the Chicago Cubs are up to if they are not busy losing.


However, this is not how to stream live Chicago Cubs for free online because there is no live streaming option. But then again its free and legal so you can’t really complain. That said if the live streaming is your thing and you’re willing to spend a few bucks then read on.

Stream the Chicago Cubs Online with AT&T TV NOW

Watch the Chicago Cubs play live with a AT&T TV NOW subscription which starts at a mind bending $35 a month. Unlike other pay TV services you’re not charged in advance and so you’ll certainly save money in the long term. Plus, AT&T ensures that Cubs fans can live stream the game via the service’s app for iOS and Android devices and that too without having to worry about data charges. So, start taking advantage of AT&T’s generosity by clicking the button below:


MLB TV is the Official App of the Chicago Cubs for Streaming

MLB TV is a baseball fan’s dreams come true because the channel airs baseball 24/7. There are highlights, live games, interviews and talks all centered around the MLB. However, to stream the Chicago Cubs live and for free via their website, iOS and Android app you will need to be a subscriber to their television channel. Though if that’s not the case because you’re not the couch potato type you can buy a monthly or annual subscription for $29.99 or $109.99 respectively.

However, there is a bit of a kink in the system! The games are not live up to the second; there are a few seconds to a minute’s delay. The reason being advertising and apparently the agreement they have signed with sports networks which restricts them from undercutting their profits.

Nefarious Methods of streaming Chicago Cubs for free will get you in jail!

Above is a warning to be heeded because even Cubs fans can go to jail. To find free streaming simply Google terms such as “Chicago Cubs free stream” and you’ll come across many channels.

Chicago may be the Windy city, but you still don’t get the third strike! Use one of the above legal options if you can.