There are fewer people more beloved in Hollywood than Ellen Degeneres. Her history and unique story have Americans captivated but her comedy is what has kept her at the forefront of daytime television. She interviews guests that we all would like to meet and asks them the questions the average person would. Her relentless kindness and positive attitude sets her apart. Her show is on NBC so you’ll have to use that channel’s streaming capabilities to watch Ellen online.

Luckily there are several legit ways to stream the Ellen Degeneres show online for free. Here are just a few of them. Choose the one that works best for you.


Hulu has a live streaming option, and comes with a free trial, which means you can watch Ellen live for free this week! You’re going to love their live streaming television, it’s one of the best services out there for streaming almost any television network. Check out their free trial here:

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Watch Ellen Live with Sling TV

NBC shows are now on Sling and that include Ellen in some markets! Sling is a cable alternative that includes networks such as USA, AMC and TBS among many others for a low price and doesn’t require a commitment. Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

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Watch Ellen Online with her Official Webpage

If you head over to you’ll find several links worthy of your time. Most notably for you, most likely is the “view episodes” tab. If you click there you won’t be able to stream full episodes of Ellen but you’ll get access to clips from the episodes. Maybe this is enough to get you your Ellen fix for the week or you just wanted to see that interview with Leonardo DiCaprio. You’ll have to look elsewhere for online streaming of the entire Ellen series.


Is Ellen on Netflix or Hulu?

Nope. Netflix and Hulu, along with other streaming services have yet to crack the code of daytime television. It’s difficult to boot up a device, log into an app, search for a show and start watching. Daytime TV, including Ellen, has relied on laid back, stay at home individuals to stumble upon their programming. Netflix doesn’t really work that way yet. Maybe in the future we’ll see Ellen on Netflix in some form but today is not that day.  Same goes for Ellen on Hulu.

Live Stream the Ellen Show on

If you live in one of several areas of the country you can live stream the Ellen Degeneres Show online at It depends on your local NBC station so check out the live stream if you’re trying to watch the show at the same hour it is on (who does that anymore, right?!).

If you manage to get the live stream to work this might be one of the best ways to watch The Ellen Degeneres show online for free.

Live Stream The Ellen Show with DIRECTV NOW

Fans of The Ellen Show can now stream everone’s favorite celebrity online via DIRECTV NOW. The “Just Right” subscription offers NBC, in addition to 80 other channels. The service does not require a long term commitment and since its owned by AT&T they don’t charge you for the data consumed when streaming either. Also, thanks to the service’s app you’ll never miss another NBC show again!

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The Ellen Show has it’s Own App

Yep, it’s one of the only shows that has it’s very own app. You can download the iOS (iPhone) version here. It’s basically just a rehash of all the content on their official website so you won’t get much more streaming access than you already do online. They do make casting the show from AirPlay to your TV easier and maybe you prefer the dedicated app to always having to locate to the official website for the same content. We’ll leave that up to you.

Do you have a better, legal way to stream the Ellen Degeneres show online for free? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts and ideas. We’ll be sure to update this article as facts change.