You probably felt a little weird Googling “How to Get Away with Murder” today didn’t you? Well just bookmark this page and you won’t have to worry about the FBI knocking on your door, wondering why you’re plotting some devious deed. Legal dramas are a dime a dozen but this ABC show is getting massive attention isn’t going anywhere. There are several different ways to catch How to Get Away with Murder online and here are just a few of them.

Live stream HTGAWM online with Sling TV

Sling TV has an “ABC” package that allows users to live stream How to Get Away With Murder. You can sign up for a free trial of Sling TV here and give the service a shot as well as cancel anytime. You’ll have to upgrade for it to include HTGAWM but this is a pretty good option for an online stream of the show without cable. You get tons of channels including CNN, ESPN and AMC as well.  Hop to it!

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Watch How to Get Away with Murder with a AT&T TV NOW Subscription

We are not advocating murder or you try getting away with it. But merely point you in the direction of AT&T TV NOW which helps you live stream How to Get Away With Murder via its apps for iOS and Android devices. Starting at $35 a month it won’t give you a heart attack either but you’ll probably feel better knowing that AT&T will not charge subscribers for the data they consume.


Watch How to Get Away with Murder on the Official ABC App or Website

You can also stream How to Get Away with Murder for free on the official ABC website.  You’ll have to watch commercials in between breaks but it doesn’t require any kind of verification or subscription so this might be a great option for you.


Heck, you don’t even have to install an app to use the browser version!  Though, if you’re watching How to Get Away with Murder a lot you should probably just download the official ABC app and call it a day.

Is there an Official How to Get Away with Murder Live Stream?

ABC does have a live stream that includes How to Get Away with Murder but it isn’t available in all areas. I just checked from Seattle and there isn’t one available. That’s the only official, legal way to get it done but there are probably some less legal streams out there if you’re desperate for a fix. Be warned though, it might not be worth watching an episode of How to Get Away with Murder online for the viruses you’ll get yourself.

Is How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix or Hulu?

Netflix actually does have the first season of How to Get Away with Murder available for online streaming. This may not last forever so stream it before you lost it Netflixers!  If you’re all caught up on season one then you can catch newly premiering episodes of the show on Hulu. Having access to both streamers is a match made in heaven in this case because older episodes are archived on Netflix while Hulu has the new stuff. Twenty dollars for full access to How to Get Away with Murder doesn’t sound so bad.

Download Full Episodes of How to Get Away with Murder Online

If you don’t mind waiting a few months you can always download full seasons or episodes of How to Get Away with Murder on Amazon (shop for them here), iTunes, Google Play or a handful of other services that offer such things. They cost about three dollars each for an HD stream but you’ll get the keep them forever and stream them from your library anytime.