The Antiques Roadshow a show dedicated to everything antiques. It follows the UK’s leading antique appraisers who travel across the country (UK), to find an appraise rare antiques brought in by just about anyone who has something old. The show is so popular that it has been running since 1979 and what’s even more interesting is that it’s based on an earlier 1977 documentary series. Antiques Roadshow has spawned a number of variations and versions in other countries especially the US and Canada. The present iteration is presented by Fiona Bruce and happens to be the show’s 40th season on PBS in America.

If you are a fan of British shows like Poldark which is also on PBS, then you’ve probably already heard of Antiques Roadshow. Nevertheless, below is how you can stream the show online.

Watch Antiques Roadshow Online Using the Official PBS App or Website

While viewers in the UK get to watch shows like Antiques Roadshow live, in the US PBS does not broadcast it live. As a matter of fact, it takes a while for new seasons to appear stateside. What makes streaming Antiques Roadshow even more difficult is the fact that PBS does not have an app just yet. So, the only way to stream is if you are a subscriber to the network and log-in with your credentials to the official website.

Live Stream Antiques Roadshow via AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW is a cord-cutting service that streams over a hundred channels. Some of the more popular networks streamed by the service include AMC, Syfy, BBC America, ESPN etc. Though Antiques Roadshow fans will be disappointed as PBS is not one of the networks streamed by the service. That said it is still a service worth considering if you want to keep up with your favourite television serials and sports while on the go!


Live Stream Antiques Roadshow Online with Sling TV

Sling TV is another leading cord-cutting service with package prices starting at just $20 a month. While the service streams hundreds of hit TV shows in America, those shows do not include Antiques Roadshow. That said its still worth considering for people with a nomadic lifestyle thanks to an array of apps for Android, iOS, Xbox One and windows devices amongst others.

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Streaming Antiques Roadshow on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon

Netflix as of this writing does not stream Antiques Roadshow. We are not sure if it will ever be available on Netflix in the US.

Hulu too does not have episodes of Antiques Roadshow available for streaming. So, fans will need to look elsewhere to quench their thirst for rare antiques.

Amazon Prime has episodes of Antiques Roadshow available for download. However, seasons between 11 and 16 are missing for some reason. Plus, you’ll be paying $2.99 per episode!

Other Methods of Streaming Antiques Roadshow for Free

We are sure that there are plenty of free methods of streaming Antiques Roadshow for free including YouTube. However, apart from YouTube, we will not recommend that you use any other service especially those that are known to pirate shows. After all, you don’t want MI5 knocking on your door!