Dateline NBC or just Dateline is a weekly television show broadcast on NBC. It was once the network’s flagship news program, but now it mainly focuses on true crime stories with the occasional focus on other newsworthy topics. The show airs every Friday at 10 pm EST, and the special two-hour editions starts at 9 pm EST. Though the two-hour additions are often scheduled to fill in a primetime schedule gap if a program is suddenly canceled.

If you are one of those people who has enjoyed watching Dateline forever but now wants to start streaming it online, there are a couple of options worth considering.

Almost all of NBC’s content can be found on the Peacock streaming app these days. Check it out:

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Watch Dateline NBC Online Using Fubo

Fubo is another alternative for getting your BH fix. Check out their options as they have Bravo in all of their packages:

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Live Stream Dateline Online with Sling TV

Sling TV is another high-quality cord-cutting service but one which starts at just $20 a month. Though you’ll need to upgrade to the ‘Blue’ package to stream Dateline because that’s the one with NBC and a few other networks. But still, it works out to be a lot cheaper than regular cable. Plus, in addition to being able to stream from all modern smart devices, you can even log-in and stream from your web browser! Start streaming Dateline today for free by clicking below.

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Streaming Dateline on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

Netflix apparently does not have episodes of Dateline available for streaming. It seems as though NBC may have pulled them out.

We expected that Hulu would be streaming episodes of Dateline since they have every other NBC show but we were wrong. For some reason, there is no Dateline for Hulu subscribers.

Amazon Prime only has Dateline season 1 available for download. You can download the entire first season for just $7.99!

Other Ways of Live Streaming Dateline for Free

One free method of watching Dateline is to search YouTube. We found a bunch of complete episodes. Though they are not live. Plus, don’t illegally download or stream the show from pirate websites because that’s only going to end up with fines and probably jail time if you have a substantial rap sheet. So, the trouble you could potentially get into by so-called free streaming services is not worth it.

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