A British-American horror series created for both Sky (UK) and Showtime (US). Penny Dreadful is not your run of time mill type horror drama series with lots of ghosts. However, there is a lot of mystery surrounding Miss Dreadful, yes that’s her name “Dreadful”, talk about making it obvious. Dreadful, is part psychic, part investigator and part looney.

The 19th-century British theme seems to draw on you after the first few episodes. But that’s not the best part of what this series has to offer. The best part happens to be times when Miss Dreadful (love that name), meets Mina Harker, Count Dracula, and Victor Frankenstein. It’s like fairy tales that kept us awake as kids coming to life.

One of the reasons why you’d want to watch Penny Dreadful online is because of the awful timeslot which coincides with a millennial’s waking hour! Plus, it is one of those series you better watch with the light dimmed and when it’s pitch dark outside.

Below we look at how you or anyone else like you can watch Penny Dreadful online for free and at times for a small amount!

Watch Penny Dreadful Online with the Official Showtime App

Showtime streams Penny Dreadful free online for people who have subscribed to the channel via their cable service provider. Subscribers can stream the series directly to their mobile device (iOS and Android) free of charge. However, if you are not a subscriber you can always beg and borrow someone else’s credentials. If you still can’t make much headway, then I’d suggest you give some of the other methods below a shot.


Penny Dreadful is Streaming on Amazon and Google (for a fee!)

Amazon Prime and Google Play both have episodes of Penny Dreadful, which are a little behind compared to what’s being broadcast currently. If you use these methods, it’s fair to say you’ll be three or four episodes behind. That said with both these services you pay per episode which is on average around $2.99. The upside is that unlike streaming you can download the episodes to your device and watch it whenever you want not having to worry about internet availability.

Watch Penny Dreadful on Hulu (but not on Netflix)

Currently, all the latest episodes of Penny Dreadful can be streamed via Hulu for $7.99 a month with commercials and $11.99 without irritating commercials. The interesting bit about Hulu is that the latest episodes of Penny Dreadful are available as soon as they are aired on Showtime. Plus, a monthly rate means that you don’t have to pay per episode, so you can stream from the very first season to the very latest episode without paying anything extra.

It’s not on Netflix, though so don’t bother looking. Actually, no Showtime content is.


Illegal methods of Watching Penny Dreadful Online

You can try torrent websites and foreign websites like Putlocker. However, it is important to be aware of the fact that it can end up with your computer getting hacked, your identity stolen and you are rotting in jail! Nothing can be more dreadful than sharing a prison cell with Big Bubba!