Hold on to your hunting rifles– Obama’s coming. No, wait– Ducks are coming and they, of course, must be blown out of the sky with all haste. Duck Dynasty is a popular cable program on A&E. If you’re under the age of 30 you may not know what A&E is but we, more seasoned cable subscribers know that it’s the home of Hoarders, Storage Wars and omg what am I doing with my life!  Anyway, you’re here to figure out how to watch Duck Dynasty online, right?  Let’s get to it so you can get back to your Civil War reenactment group where the Confederacy always wins somehow.

Live Stream Duck Dynasty Online on Sling TV

A&E and Sling TV are partners, meaning you can watch any A&E series with a Sling TV subscription, including Duck Dynasty. The good news for those less familiar with Sling TV? You can give Sling TV a one week trial here absolutely free and you can cancel anytime so give it a shot and see if it’s worth it for you.

Is Duck Dynasty on Netflix or Hulu?

A&E must as desperate for cash as a Duck Dynasty fan is for that third free communal doughnut at the Alabama NRA rally. While most networks are pulling their content from Netflix and Hulu, A&E just signed a deal with Netflix that includes Duck Dynasty online streaming rights.  So fire up Netflix on your Hummer’s backseat screen because this is probably the easiest way to watch Duck Dynasty online.

Hulu? Nah, they have standards over there.  Duck Dynasty is not streaming on Hulu.

Watch Duck Dynasty Online with the Official A&E App and Website

This next method for streaming Duck Dynasty online is so simple that even a Charleston, South Carolinian Republican could figure it out. Just head over to A&E’s official site, choose the god-forsaken season of Duck Dynasty that you’d like to watch and start touching tiny microp… I mean streaming away!

You can also access the official A&E app on your iPhone, Android or iPad device.  But you’ll need to be in cell-tower range for these to work. Duck hunting while streaming Duck Dynasty isn’t going to work, sorry. You’ll have to focus on your firearms and not your cell phone when you’re out in the swamp murdering helpless water foul for sport.

Buy full episodes streaming instantly on Amazon

Want to feel like you own Duck Dynasty and don’t want to risk the show being pulled from any of the above streaming options? You can shop for full episodes on Amazon here.

Go Duck Yourself

Those are pretty solid options for streaming this travesty of human unachievement that is Duck Dynasty online. If you’re not satisfied with an official website that features full episodes, an official app that features full episodes and a simple Netflix subscription option then you should probably rethink your streaming life. A&E has made it very simple to get access to this disgrace of a show. Come one, come all bigots, racists and animal-killers!  This show is available online for any redneck smart enough to fumble his way into an episode of Duck Dynasty or two online.