The Oklahoma City Thunder is the most beloved NBA team in the state because it is the only major professional American sports league based in good old Oklahoma. Chesapeake Energy Arena is their home turf, but it seems as though despite having a lineup of talented players the team hasn’t managed to gain much momentum in recent years.

Though internet punters like to bill the City Thunder as favorites in some games, the team always has a way of letting everyone down by squandering what would have been a win. But because they are the only big shots of the state, they are still loved by hundreds of fans who don’t mind being left disappointed. They aren’t the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavs (ie winners) but you know you love them anyway. They share a division with the Trail Blazers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Nuggets and Jazz.

If you’re one of those millennials that want to stream Oklahoma City Thunder online because regular cable is just way too old for your taste, then the good news is that you can!

Below is how you can get your taste of riding on the edge of the seat knowing you’re going to fall anyways.

Sling TV Has Some Oaklahoma City Thunder Games on the Cheap!

Cheaper than the Vue, with zero restrictions and a larger selection of channels, Sling TV is by far the best cable alternative. ESPN and ESPN2 both happen to stream almost every game that the Oklahoma City Thunder seem to play. So, you’ll never miss them losing again. Plus, at $19.99 it’s a minimum wage employee’s dream come true.

Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

Watch the Thunder Play Live via DIRECTV NOW

Stream the Thunder whenever they play online for free and that too without having to sneak in without a ticket! DIRECTV NOW is a service which streams live television channels to your mobile device. Since, ESPN, Fox Sports and NBA TV stream a large part of all the Thunder’s gaves live those are the channels you can subscribe to via DIRECTV NOW. Starting at $35 a month and with AT&T offering free data for streaming its certainly worth giving it a shot!

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Use The Official Streaming Service to Watch the Thunder Online

The NBA’s official streaming service packs a huge punch with interviews, gossips, replays and numerous other titbits which would keep any City Thunder fans’ happy. The best thing about the pass is that you can stream the Oklahoma City Thunder on your iPhone, iPad, and any Android device. All you need is an excellent broadband connection.


The one caveat that’s worth mentioning is that if you’re in Oklahoma City or somewhere nearby you’ll be blacked out when your team plays even if you’re using their slick mobile app. There is no way to get around this because the NBA has apparently signed an agreement with the networks.

At $199.99 you’ll need to either have a rich dad, or the owner of a dot com to justify paying that insane amount. Though you can still opt for the $6.99 per game but what’s the point if you get blacked out!

Streaming the OKC Games Live on Playstation Vue

Who would have thought that Sony’s PlayStation would become a cable competitor? Or more like an alternative. The Vue, allows subscribers to stream a host of sports channels which include ESPN and TNT both of which incidentally stream all of Oklahoma City Thunder games online.

$29.99 may not be cheap for the minimum wage millennial, but it’s still worth it if you love the City Thunder because you get to stream, not just to your console but Chromecast, iOS devices, and Fire TV.  But they are restrictions which don’t allow you to stream from any random internet connection…bummer!

Are any free methods of streaming Oklahoma City Thunder free online?

Well yes but not entirely legal. You can Google for free streaming services using phrases like “Oklahoma City Thunder free online streaming.” Though we are firmly advise against it.