With the Denver Nuggets having not been to the playoffs in a couple years, this year they are gunning for it.  With a new set of NBA drafts ready to go for the win, this team has fortified themselves for the season. They share a division with the Trail Blazers, Thunder, Jazz and Minnesota.  Fans of the Nuggets out there are probably getting pretty excited for the upcoming season, so they can watch how their team does.  There are a few ways to watch the Nuggets play and progress this season. Here is a list of a few of the options.

Stream with the Official App or Website of the Channel Showing the Nugget’s Games

If you know what network or channel the nuggets are playing on, you can always stick with the app or website of that channel.  Most networks such as ESPN, CBS, or TNT have their own apps to be able to stream the game, just be sure you know which one the game is showing on that night.  Pricing and restrictions of these apps can vary widely, so be sure to look over each one.  You can also check the Nugget’s official NBA website to see if there are streaming capabilities.


Watch the Nuggets Live Using Sling without Cable

Sling is an alternative to cable that you can use to subscribe to different channels, including ones that show the game.  The cost of a subscription with Sling is 20 bucks a month, but this way you can catch all the games if they are being shown on one of the networks that Sling has, such as ABC, TBS, TNT, or ESPN.  If you are hesitant about this service or paying every month, they do offer a free 7-day trial to begin with.  This way you can test it out.

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

Watch All of the Nuggets Games or Just One with the NBA League Pass

The NBA offers a service called the NBA Game Pass, which has a few different options to it.  The convenient thing about the NBA League Pass is that if you just want to watch one game when traveling or when they are going against a team that you really want to see, you can purchase just one for 7 bucks.  You also have the options of purchasing the entire basketball season, all games included, or purchasing a pass just to watch the Nuggets games, which will have a discount.

Sidestep the Difficulties of “Free” Illegal Nuggets Streams

Some streams are out there that claim that you can watch the game for free.  While this may sound great, it generally has cons that greatly outweigh the pros.  Often these sites require you sign up for something or download software or files that can be damaging viruses.  Plus the quality is wretched and they cut out often.  Watching the game should be an enjoyable experience, not getting frustrated when it cuts out at one of the best moments of the game.  Be sure to stay away from these too good to be true types of websites.