AMC’s The Son marks the return of Pierce Brosnan to the small screen. The show is an adaptation of Philipp Meyer’s novel of the same name. It’s perfect for AMC’s tradition of a Saturday night western and will probably appeal to people who love westerns whether or not they have read the book. The first season mainly depicts the complicated tale which consists of two interwoven ones via the main character named Eli McCullough. The show is set in 1849, and young Eli is played by Jacob Lofland who witnesses his family murdered by the Comanche but is abducted and raised amongst the tribe. The other and probably the most interesting narrative is taking place on the eve of the Mexican Revolution. The ruthless and wealthy landowner Eli is trying to grab a neighboring property owned by the Garcia family.

Loaded with clichés and creation myths the show is a much watch for western fans. Below we look at how you can stream it live online.

Watch The Son Online Using the Official AMC App

The official AMC app makes streaming on your iOS and Android device a cinch! The catch though is you’ll need to be a subscriber to the network. Since hipsters like yourself are not subscribers to cable television because owning a television is no longer cool; the app is pointless. Alternatively, you could try to borrow a trusted friend’s credentials or badger your grandma for her credentials. If all else fails then try the methods below.

Live Stream The Son Online with Sling TV

What’s cooler than not having cable TV? The answer is when it’s streamed to your device. You can watch the latest episodes of The Son via Sling TV’s app for various devices. What’s more the service live streams a load of channels in addition to AMC like TBS, TNT, and ESPN, etc. Starting at $20 a month you can get more channels by upgrading. Use the link below to watch an episode of The Son for free!

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

Watch The Son with a AT&T TV NOW Subscription

AT&T TV NOW live streams dozens of channels similar to Sling TV, and so subscribers like yourself can watch the latest episodes of The Son live. A subscription starts at $35 a month which is fine if you just want to watch AMC’s Saturday night western. Make sure to download and install the app for your device, just so that if you’re pulling an all nighter over the weekend, you’ll not miss the latest episode.


Streaming The Son on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

Netflix is known to carry a couple of AMC’s shows, so we are hopeful that The Son will be available. Though it’s not going to be anytime soon. Also, many AMC shows never make it to Netflix, case in point being The Walking Dead, Mad Men, etc.

Hulu has not been playing ball with AMC, and so no shows have made it to the service. So, if you’re a fan of AMC shows a Hulu subscription is a waste of hard earned cash.

Amazon does end up with all the episodes of popular AMC shows. So, it all hinges on how popular the show becomes. Though we expect that episodes will be available for download at the service’s standard rate of $3 a pop.

Nefarious Methods of Streaming The Son Online

We would never advise that you use illegal methods of watching any show. It will get you prison time and hefty fines at the very least. We have also heard of pirates getting ankle bracelets, which means that you’ll be tracked for life.

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