‘Watch What Happens: Live’ is a late night talk show similar to the Conan O’Brien Show but this show is hosted by Andy Cohen. The show originally premiered in 2009 on Bravo and mainly features the network’s own programming as a sort of aftershow with recent celebrity news. The show is broadcast live from New York City so that you can call in or communicate with the host via social media. The show has reached the 1000 episodes milestone!

Whether you are into late night talk shows or love watching Andy Cohen making callers smile and blush this is the show for you. Below is how you can live stream ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ online!

Live Stream ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ Online with Sling TV

Sling TV happens to be a live channel streaming service which enables you to stream Bravo amongst dozens of other channels such as ESPN, Syfy, AMC, Disney, etc. Bravo is bundled with the basic or ‘Orange’ package as it’s called starting at $20 a month. All you need to do once you’ve subscribed to Sling TV is to download and install the Sling TV app. Then switch to Bravo whenever ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ is broadcast. You also have the ability to switch to other live channels during commercials.

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Watch ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ Online Using the Official ‘Bravo Now’ App or Website

The Bravo Now app makes it possible for people to stream programs such as ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ directly on their mobile devices. However, the app requires that you be a subscriber to the channel and only after that can you login to it with your credentials. Alternatively, if you’re not a subscriber and don’t care much for becoming one you can stream the show via Bravo’s official website which does not require that you log in. The most recent episodes are available as soon as it’s aired so you don’t need to wait.



Streaming ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

Netflix does not have episodes or seasons of ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ because they are not exactly friends with the people at Bravo. So, that’s bad news if you’re a fan of this show and have a Netflix subscription.

Hulu does not have ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ either! Even though the service streams most of Bravo’s shows. We will keep you updated if the show becomes available on Hulu.

Amazon does not have episodes or seasons of ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ either! Which is surprising but true!

Other Ways of Streaming ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ free Online?

We have yet to come across any free and legit ways of streaming ‘Watch What Happens: Live.’ It’s so hard finding the show online that we doubt that there are any illegal streams. Not that pirates in Russia don’t like to keep up with our celebrities. That said we warn you against searching for and watching pirated streams as they will not just get your computer infected with viruses but you’ll also get to share a prison cell with Big Bubba!

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