Looking for the best comedy movies on Netflix? Great! We’ve got the perfect list for you to peruse and argue about. Netflix’s comedy section is often filled with stand up comedy specials, but for this list of best comedies, we’re going to remove those from the running and keep them on a separate list. 

While we’ll always try to keep this list of comedies up do date, if you notice any discrepancies, please let us know in the comments and we’ll get it updated as soon as possible.

How about you? What comedies on Netflix make you laugh the hardest?

10) Legally Blonde

While not the smartest, nobody can blame Ellie Woods for not trying really hard. Legally Blonde probably made more sense at a time where blonde jokes were all the rage (does anyone make them anymore?), but even out of context it’s still a classic comedy for all to enjoy.

9) This is Spinal Tap

Christopher Guest is the master of the mocumentary, and Spinal Tap kicked things off in this genre as the world’s loudest band went on a big final tour. Following them through the trials all 80s hair bands eventually found themselves dealing with, This is Spinal Tap spawned a series of mocumentaries from the team behind this one. Guest and company are even making an original film for Netflix.

8) Mean Girls

Such a fetch movie. Mean Girls brilliantly portrays high school just realistically enough to make you cringe, laugh and reminisce about the good ol’ days. Also before Lindsey Lohan kinda sorta fell off the deep end, Mean Girls has a solid message behind all of its outward comedy.

7) Hot Fuzz

Personally we liked Shaun of the Dead more, but since that one isn’t on Netflix, Hot Fuzz is still a close second. The town of Sandford challenges the protagonists of Hot Fuzz with boredom until a string of grisly crimes propel the team into action. 

6) Hot Rod

If you had asked me prior to Hot Rod’s release if we would bet we would love this movie, we would have said no way. But Hot Rod’s genius reveals itself quickly as Andy Samberg takes the reigns and works magic. Some high quality work from an SNL alumni.

5) Wet Hot American Summer

Now a Netflix original series, WHAS propelled countless stars into some major comedy roles including Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd and countless others. The satirical look at summer camp quickly became a cult classic, certainly recently bolstered by Netflix breathing new life into it as a TV show.

4) Zoolander

Taking a deep look into the world of male models, Zoolander leaves no stone unturned in its expose of one of the world’s most mysterious industries. But most importantly, Zoolander gives you the opportunity to spend 90 minutes staring at really, really ridiculously good looking people. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

3) Tommy Boy

Rest in peace, Chris Farley. Tommy Boy was arguably one of the most quoted movies in any given middle school across the United States during the 90s. There was no better partnership in comedy at the time outside of Spade/Farley, and despite his life ending far too soon, we’re so grateful we got to experience Chris Farley’s genius, even for just a little bit.

2) The Big Lebowski

The true magic of The Big Lebowski is how the movie is quite literally about something as insignificant as a piss-stained rug. But the film is so much more than that. Besides it revolving around a burn out stoner just trying to get his rug back, The BIg Lebowski’s comedic genius comes truly from just how ridiculous the story gets. With each new scene, some new shit has come to light!

1) The Naked Gun

We were going to list all three Naked Gun comedies on this list, but then realized that wouldn’t be fair to several other movies that deserve a spot. But The Naked Gun has always been one of our favorites, as Leslie Nielson was a comedic genius, and there was no stronger comedy trilogy than The Naked Gun movies, all available on Netflix right now.

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