UPDATE 2017/2018: The Lions games on broadcast networks NBC, FOX and ESPN are now available on DIRECTV NOW this year, no cable required. If you’re an AT&T Wireless customer you’ll save a ton of money as well. Sign up for their seven day free trial to see if it’s for you:

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The Detroit Lions are perhaps one of the more popular NFL teams maybe because people in Detroit are bigger football fans. The team is a member of the NFC and their home games are played at Ford Field in Detroit.  They are one of only four teams that haven’t yet played in the Super Bowl. With all these years of playing it’s hard not to have rivalries but the most interesting and oldest are with the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. The Vikes are also in their division.

If you’re a big Detroit Lions fan then here is our guide to streaming the Detroit Lions online for free.

Live Stream the Detroit Lions Online with Sling TV

If you don’t want to subscribe to boring old cable because you end up busting your chops trying to get good customer service, then consider Sling TV. Sling TV is a 100% legal and registered way of streaming just about every sports channel you can think of that may air the Detroit Lions. All you need is to flip to that channel on your smartphone, Apple TV, Roku or computer once you’re a subscriber to Sling TV. The basic package is $20 a month and gives you access to ESPN 1&2 as well as Fox Sports, so your life couldn’t be any easier! Oh, and Redzone is also available so you can watch all of those other teams.

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

Watch Lions Games Live Without Cable with DIRECTV NOW

The Lions might be the losingest team of all time (source needed) but that doesn’t mean you have to waste money on a huge cable bill to watch them.  DIRECTV NOW has all the cable channels you’d ever want and it’s only $35 a month. Use the 7 day free trial to decide if it’s right for you and you’ll get all Lions games for that low price.

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Watch Detroit Lions Online via the Official Lions Website

The official website is home to lots of information about the Detroit Lions. You also have the ability to stream short clips of previous games, interviews and various other pieces of information. That said there is no option to live stream any of the Lions’ games on their site. Though you can check out the schedule for the team to find out if they will be playing at an arena near you and then maybe you can catch a live game in person instead of over the internet! Make note of what network they’re playing on and use their app to get that Lions game streaming on the mobile device of your choosing.



Are the Lions on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon? Any More Streaming Options?!


The Lions and in fact no live sports are available on Netflix or the other streaming services. They’re mostly for watching TV. There are a couple of other niche options, though.

  • Playstation Vue is one and it’s similar to Sling.
  • Verizon also has a great app that you actually can use for free.
  • NFL Game Pass lets you stream games after they air. It is not live and costs about a hundred bucks per season.
  • Amazon actually does have Thursday Night Football this year so if the Lions are in that game that’s where Prime members can stream the Lions. Try it for 30 days free:
  • Try Amazon Prime Free for 30 Days

Other, Non-Legal Ways to Steam the Detroit Lions Game Online

Well, there are a couple of other methods and are 100% free, but we don’t want you to end up behind bars. Piracy is a crime and the criminals hosting these streaming websites are very far away for the FBI to grab.  So if you’re an American citizen don’t join a piracy network because you can’t hold on to a job.

Being a Lions fan is tough but it doesn’t help your team to steal their product! How else is Megatron going to get paid?