A lot of people really love the Penn State Nittany Lions football team.  This team represents the Pennsylvania State University in college football but they’re popular and recognized nationwide. The Nittany Lions compete in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision as a member of the Big Ten Conference, which they joined in 1993 after playing as an Independent from their founding through 1992.  This is one of the Division’s best teams, and they host players and supporters from all fifty states.  For these reasons, people all across the country want a chance to watch them play, so here is our list of the best ways to watch their games.

WE RECOMMEND: Live Stream a Penn State Football Game with Sling TV

Want to ditch cable and get with the times?  Check out Sling TV.  Sling TV is the future of the college football watching experience.  This service offers live, high definition streams of the Penn State Nittany Lions games.  This is a great option because it is more convenient and cheaper than cable and they stream networks where you can watch the games, like Pac 12, SEC Network but also Lifetime and HGTV (for the wife, you know).  Plus, they stream tons of other channels aside from only sports channels, such as A&E, and Bravo.  Sling offers a great, seven-day free trial where you can watch unlimited HD content free for a week to decide if you dig it or not.

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Watch Penn State Games with Hulu Live

Hulu is one of the most reliable names in streaming sports online. Their live streaming service is high definition, has very little lag, and works across all devices (computers, tablets, mobile, smart TVs and more). There’s no better way to stream live Penn State football games online than with Hulu. The best part? They have a risk-free seven day trial. Get access to it here:

Watch College Football on Hulu!

Fubo TV offers great college sports streaming packages

Fubo started as a plan to make it easier to stream live soccer in the United States, but has since expanded to include college football and NFL games (they offer things like NFL RedZone and such). Check out their offerings and get an exclusive free trial to stream Penn State football games here:

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Out of market? Use a VPN

If you live in one city but want to watch a Penn State football game in another city, you can use a VPN to do so! A VPN will allow you to set a location where the game you want to watch is streaming, and then use one of the above streaming services to watch those games. We fully recommend NordVPN, and you can get a free trial to their service here:


Streaming Penn State Football Games without Cable Using AT&T TV NOW

And then, there’s AT&T TV NOW, an app much like sling that doesn’t require cable and is a fraction of the cost. They have ESPN and those other networks like PAC-12 and SEC as well so head over to their signup page and start your seven day trial to stream college football games live right now:


Check Out Paramount Plus For Streaming the Penn State Football Game

CBS offers their own way of streaming the games shown on their network called Paramount Plus.  While many games are shown on CBS, not all of them are, so be sure to look over the schedule before using All Access to catch the game.  The service runs for only about 6 bucks a month, which is not too bad for how much content they offer.  With All Access, you can watch all of the other content and shows aside from the games that CBS offers as well.

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Check of the Official Website of the Nittany Lions for Streaming Schedules


Our recommendation is to first check out the official website for the Penn State Nittany Lions.  The site offers all kinds of Penn State Nittany Lions fan stuff.  But more importantly, the site has all of their game schedules and where and when they will be playing and what networks are going to cover their games.  This site also has all kinds of other features too like player lists, interviews, stats, picks, trades, fan merchandise, projections, recaps, final scores, commentary, etc.  All in all, this is a great place to start for anything you need or want regarding the Nittany Lions.


Stay Away from Illegal, Pirated Sites if You’re a Real Penn State Lions Fan

No one likes viruses.  No one likes legal fees.  No one likes imprisonment.  No one likes malware. No one likes identity theft.  No one likes crappy streaming content.  This is what you’re going to get with illegal sites and pirated content.  A majority of them are riddled with viruses that can damage your device.  When it comes to this stuff, it’s best to just stay away from it.  Your computer will thank you and you will thank yourself in the long run too. Penn State fans don’t ride like that, man.