watch the originals online

The Originals, a CW spinoff of CW’s The Vampire Diaries, follows the Mikaelson siblings as they return home to New Orleans, their home that they haven’t seen since 1919. Klaus must fight against Marcel in an attempt to retake the city and bring a new calm among the the warring vampires, werewolves and witches.

Will there be another season of The Originals? You bet. The Originals has been doing really well on The CW and after the first two seasons made quick work to close a deal on a third season. Critical ratings for The Originals has been generally positive, but most importantly, the series is developing a passionate fan base giving their opinions around the web about how much they love this show, alongside many of other television shows from The CW.

The series might seem on the surface to appeal to the tween age bracket, but The Originals will likely catch you by surprise no matter your demographic for the entertaining premise and interesting characters.

So where can you watch The Originals online? Below we’ll break down the places you can stream the show.

Is The Originals on Netflix

Update 9/28/2015: The Originals season two will be on Netflix October 6th!

For those hoping to get a taste of The Originals before diving in to the whole series, Netflix is likely a good place to start as you can stream the first season in its entirety for free on Netflix. No word yet on the second season of The Originals on Netflix, but we’ll bet it should be available to stream at some point in the near future once the third season starts airing on live TV.

The Originals on CW’s Website

You can watch the most recent episodes of The Originals for free on The CW’s website but normally this only includes only the last five episodes. The other fun feature here though is that you can watch season and episode recaps totally free. Be wary of spoilers, but if you’re looking for a quick refresh, is going to work great.

Does Hulu have The Originals?

For those who just happened to miss the most recent episodes, The Originals has its five most recent episodes available to stream instantly. No word yet as to whether or not more episodes will be streaming anytime soon on Hulu, but we’ll keep you posted.

The Originals on Amazon Prime Instant Video

So you can’t stream The Originals for free on Amazon Prime but if you don’t have a subscription to Netflix you can buy the first season for about $2 an episode. Not a bad option if you’re looking to dive into this series but don’t want to pay for a subscription to Netflix or aren’t sure if you’re really ready to commit to buying a full season of the show.

Google Play and iTunes

You can also stream The Originals from Google Play and iTunes if you’re willing to pay $2-3 dollars per episode. Similar to Amazon, not a bad idea if you’re looking to dip your toes into this series without committing to much quite yet.

Watch The Originals trailer below: