The New York Mets were one of baseball’s first expansion teams, founded in 1962 to originally replace the state’s NL teams. During the inaugural season, the Mets posted a 40-120 record, the regular season’s worst by any measure. The team had never made it to better than second last until they were nicknamed “Miracle Mets” in 1962 when they beat the Orioles in the World Series. Back then it was considered the biggest upset in the World Series. However, the team has since then made it to four World Series, the most dramatic of which was the 1973 series which ended with a seven-game loss to the Athletics. Despite the effort put in by Mr. and Mrs. Met the team still seems to be a little rough around the edges. But the occasional win and celebrity endorsements continue to ensure that the team is loved and cared for by its fans. They share a division with the Nationals, Marlins, Phillies and Braves.

Whether you’re a hardcore Mets fan who does not want to miss another game again or you moonlight as a bookie below is how you can stream the team online and on the go.

Watch the NY Mets Live with Sling TV

Sling TV is a cable alternative which only requires that you have a credit card to pay for the subscription and a decent internet connection. $20 a month buys you access to live streaming the New York Mets via a plethora of sports channels like ESPN and Fox Sports. You also get to stream news and entertainment channels like CNN, AMC, Syfy, etc.

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Live Stream the NY Mets with DIRECTV NOW

You can live stream all games played by the Mets live online with a DIRECTV NOW subscription. The price starts at just $35 a month but without a long term commitment. So, you can subscribe when the MLB season kicks in and unsubcribe when the Mets somehow stop playing. Thanks to the service’s app you can also stream the game while on the go!

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Stream the New York Mets Game with the Official MLB App

The official MLB app is easy to use and compatible with just about every iOS and Android device out there. along with its accompanying app allows subscribers to stream the New York Mets live. You can opt only to stream the Mets for $85 a year. However, despite paying you could be blacked out, so it’s probably best if you’re not in New York when the home team is playing. For those who fear getting blacked out we have alternatives!


Watch the New York Mets with PlayStation Vue

Another way to watch the New York Mets online is by subscribing to the PlayStation Vue. The PlayStation Vue does not require the PlayStation 3 or 4 console because you can install the service’s app on your smartphone or iPad. However, like Sling TV you get to stream live sports channels like ESPN 1&2 as well as Fox Sports 1&2. The only difference is that the PS Vue is slightly more expensive starting at $40 a month.

Other Ways of Streaming the New York Mets Online for Free

We have yet to come across any free methods of streaming the New York Mets live online. However, the ones we have run into are illegal. Using illegal methods to stream a Mets game can mean that you get cuffed, fined and maybe even imprisoned because your team did so badly!