You’re probably thinking: “Oh, great yet another law enforcement procedural with the same set of actors, locations and plot lines”. Well, you’re probably right but you know you can’t get enough of them so sit down, turn on that Apple TV and get ready for another gem. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is a tiny, tiny bit different because they (wait for it) explore story lines outside of the country. Boom. It’s a new show! Watch it, online or otherwise.

Starring a very capable Gary Sinise, and some other folks, this CBS crime drama hopes to put a very slightly, undetectibly different spin on the genre. There are several different ways to stream Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders online for free using CBS’ All Access and official channels. Here are the most convenient ways to do so.

Is Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders on Netflix or Hulu?

CBS has many shows on Hulu the following day but Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders has not been promised on their streaming platform just yet. It may appear there soon so stay tuned. Netflix does have the original Criminal Minds, all seven seasons thus far so we expect Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders to make its way there eventually as well. The problem here, though is that this won’t happen for years after the show concludes on CBS. So as of this writing, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is not on Netflix or Hulu.

Watch Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders on or CBS All Access

The best option for watching Criminal Minds Beyond Borders online is to head over to Their official site has full episodes live streaming at any given time. You’ll have to watch some commercials and that might be a deal breaker for you. But these days, most platforms require your attention drawn to ads to support the cost of streaming Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders to you.


CBS All Access is their official app. It costs a few bucks a month but you get complete access to all CBS shows streaming onto any device you want. So, you have two choices. The website, which brings you all of the latest stuff free online, without an app. Or if you need a bit more you can grab the official app, pay a small fee and watch Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders online from any device you choose.  For what it’s worth, our main gripe with All Access right now is the fact that you still have to watch some ads on it.

Download Full Episodes of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

If you’d rather avoid subscribing to anything or worrying about where your favorite show is streaming every year you should just download a season or individual episode from a digital retailer like Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Episodes are a few dollars a piece but you can get a deal if you subscribe to an entire season. If you just want a single show, this is probably your best bet.

Can you think of another way to legally stream Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders online? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.