best sports movies on netflix

Say it with us, 30 for 30 documentaries are not the only sports movies on Netflix.

Ok, got that out of the way. Now we can discuss the full catalog of sports movies streaming instantly. Netflix has a lot of great ones, and in fact this is one of our hardest lists to keep up, as our opinions are always changing about what belongs where on this list. Regardless, not to spoil the fun, but we’re going to list 30 for 30 documentaries as just one movie down below, but keep in mind they could easily take up several.

Regardless, here are our top 10 sports movies that you can stream instantly on Netflix. Some will be sports documentaries, others will be sports films. 

We’ll try to keep this ‘best of’ list up to date, but if you notice any discrepancies, please let us know and we’ll get it updated!

10) Hardball

“The most important thing in life is showing up.” What a great line. A sort of ‘Bad News Bears’ for a more modern generation, Hardball is one of Keanu Reeves’ finest. The kids in the move are absolutely fantastic as well.

9) Goon

Ridiculously silly, Goon follows the life of a kindhearted hockey “enforcer” as he tries to make it a career. It’s a really fun movie, the hockey scenes are great, and the humor mixed with action make for a really entertaining two hours.

8) Jerry Maguire 

Ok, fine, this might be more of a romantic film as opposed to a sports movie, but it does take a look at the world of sports agents, something very few people know anything about. Jerry Maguire is heartfelt, humorous, and extremely well written. Tom Cruise is top notch well before he went crazy.

7) Bigger Stronger Faster

We had no idea what to expect when we watched Bigger Stronger Faster, but it’s certainly one of the best documentaries on Netflix. Covering the world of PEDs, a majorly unaddressed issue in modern professional sports, this film does a great job with science as well as PR to show exactly just how much confusion there is when it comes to steroids.  

6) The Summit

Most of the time when a documentary attempts to “reenact” reality for film it comes across as extremely cheesy. The Summit handles these in such a way that make it feel as if the disaster on K2 actually had several cameras right in the thick of the horrible events that transpired.

5) Clean Spirit

On the surface, Clean Spirit really didn’t have much of a draw, it seemed like a niche documentary about cycling that didn’t have much production budget behind it. But while watching Clean Spirit, it’s clear that this is one of the best documentaries about the Tour de France ever produced.

4) Rudy

One of the best stories about the underdog overcoming all odds but in a way that seemed extremely realistic. In other words, it’s not like Rudy did anything completely miraculous, but instead the movie follows him as he pursues a very specific dream and accomplishes it.

3) 30 for 30

30 for 30s on Netflix are some of the best content available for us all to stream instantly. From The Two Escobars, to Broke, to The U and Run Ricky Run, Netflix’s collection of 30 for 30s is top notch. These documentaries are some of the best you’ll see as well, certainly worth picking a few topics interesting to you and giving them a whirl, you won’t be disappointed.

2) Rocky

While the series might have stayed past its welcome (certainly even this is debatable), the first Rocky is easily one of the best sports movies ever made as proven by its run at the awards ceremonies. Sylvester Stallone has been a great action star, but this role really proved he’s actually a pretty great actor when he needs to be.

1) The Endless Summer

For all intents and purposes, such a simple movie probably doesn’t deserve such a high ranking, but something about The Endless Summer just feels incredibly classic. From the culture of surf and travel that it encouraged, to the beautiful cinematography, The Endless Summer is certainly one of the best and most classic sports movies you can stream on Netflix instantly.