UPDATE: Amazon Video is now available around the globe, meaning you can access their streaming library in almost every country. Get a 30 day free trial here!

Amazon Video is now available in 242 countries, meaning the odds are pretty good you can get access to hit shows like ‘The Grand Tour’ ‘Transparent’ and ‘Mozart in the Jungle.’

>>Get a 30 day free trial of Amazon Video here<<

It may seem like Amazon is taking over the world these days. They just recently passed Wal-mart as the largest retail company in the world. In the US all of their services are available to most people but internationally they still have a ways to go. Amazon Instant Video is a “big bet” on television by Amazon. They’ve made some huge purchases in the past few years and are looking to make even more soon. But which countries is Amazon Prime Instant Video available in?  Here’s a map we put together for your international streaming needs:


In case you can’t make them out the countries Amazon Instant Video is available in are:

The United States

The United Kingdom



India (Coming Soon)


What?!  No Canada?!  Yeah, we were surprised too.  Maybe someday.

So if you’re in one of the above countries where Amazon Prime Instant Video is available feel free to subscribe, turn on Transparent or an episode of Star Trek and enjoy. We’ll update this map with the latest news regarding internationalization of Amazon Instant Video as we get it.