The Houston Astros are a relatively new MLB (Major League Baseball) team who are members of the American League’s West division with the Mariners, Angels and Athletics. They initially moved to the division back in 2013, after spending quite a few seasons at the National League with no significant wins.

The Houston Astros despite having a talented roster managed to make it to just one World Series game, where they were swept by the Chicago White Sox in 2005, talk about bad luck! If you happen to be in Houston the best way to catch their games at times for free and live is at the Minute Maid Park. You may also want to grab a few overpriced beers just in case you need to defend yourself.

If you are like most millennials, then you’ll want to stream the Houston Astros game live online. While thanks to the internet it’s possible but not entirely free! Let us get right down to it below.

Use MLB.TV for an Official Astros Streaming Solution

MLB TV is the official TV channel for the MLB. So, obviously, their channel’s website has almost everything you would want to know about the Houston Astros. One of the biggest selling points is their easy to use iOS and Android app which essentially allows you to stream the latest Houston Astros game online on the go.


At $19.99 a month MLB TV is not expensive but it’s not cheap either because if you’re living in Houston and the home team is playing you’re going to be blacked out! It’s only an option if you’re a fan but not in Houston…not sure if that makes perfect sense!

Sling TV Allows You to Live Stream the Astros

Sling TV is a lot like the Vue with the advantage being that it’s cheaper, offers more sports channels if you’re a baseball fan (ESPN and ESPN2), and it’s a lot more mobile making it a better option. You can practically stream on the go within Houston or any other state for that matter and still not pay anything other than the $19.99 a month. The other big plus is that you’re not blacked out!

Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

Try Sling Now Free for 7 Days

Watch The Astros Live via DIRECTV NOW

Yes! if you guessed that DIRECTV NOW is another premium live streaming service then you’re right. The service is owned by AT&T which also throws in free data for all Astros fans, well actually all subscribers. So, feel free to share your subscription with family and friends. The ‘Live a Little’ subscription costs $35 a month and should suffice for all Astros fans. That said if you’re a hardcore fan then get the $50 ‘Just Right’ subscription because it also includes the MLB Network. Still not sure? then give the service a shot via the link below before deciding to pay cold hard cash for it!

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Watch the Astros on your Playstation with Vue

The PlayStation Vue is another alternative to regular cable television aimed at millennials. You get a host of sports channels including ESPN, which airs 90% of all Houston Astros games. Plus, their mobile app for iOS and Android devices coupled with PlayStation compatibility means that you can stream on the go and switch from electronic gaming to the real game! But the $29.99 a month price tag is a bit steep in our opinion.

Now you may be asking if there are any 100% free methods of streaming the Houston Astros online? Well, they are but not entirely legal. You’ll be breaching copyright law if you do.

If your hell bent on spending some time in prison Google “free Houston Astros streaming” and you’ll come across dozens of websites. The sites compel you to install tons of spyware on your computer but who cares at least it’s free! Though don’t be surprised if the FBI comes knocking down your door with a baseball bat.