HBO’s latest comedy serial called ‘Divorce’ is..yes! You guessed it, it’s all about getting Divorced. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, she’s also serving as the executive producer so don’t be too surprised if this is a feel good, girl power type comedy. The story revolves around a married couple, perhaps in their fifties who have finally figured out that they no longer have that spark which kept them together all these years. So, what they go on is a very long journey towards a divorce which most millennials wouldn’t understand which is why it’s more of a Generation X movie. That said getting a divorce can invoke various responses from your neighbors, relations, parents, and even your dog. It’s these reactions coupled with the fact that it’s a comedy highlighting the difficulties of getting a divorce.

If you’ve recently considered getting a divorce, make sure to watch this show first. Below is how you can stream it online!

Watch Divorce Online Using the Official HBO Now app

Good news for people who want to stream Divorce online or any other HBO serial like Silicon Valley or Game of Thrones because they no longer need a cable subscription to stream. The significant difference between the ‘HBO Now’ and ‘HBO Go’ app is that with the latter you can stream all of HBO’s content for free but you need to be a subscriber to the channel via your cable service. However, with the ‘Go’ app that is no longer the case as $14.99 a month plus tax buys you unlimited access. Also, you can choose to test drive the service for a month free! This is the perfect time for millennials who spend all their money on crack to test drive a premium service without paying a dime.


Live Stream Divorce Online with Sling TV

One of the best features of Sling TV is that you can stream your favorites programs as soon as they are aired. The service allows you to stream channels such as HBO, ESPN, Food Network, etc. which means that in addition to HBO’s Divorce there are virtually hundreds of serials and movies not to mention sporting events that you can watch on the go. The key selling point here is “on the go” because you can stream on your smart device or computer from anywhere in the US and there is no need to deal with a cable service provider. That said you’ll need to pay an extra $15 a month in addition to the basic package which costs $20 a month but which is still a lot cheaper than regular cable.

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Streaming Divorce on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon without Cable

Even though there is no official word yet but we are pretty sure that Divorce will not be available on Netflix or Hulu for that matter. The reason being that that’s just the way that HBO rolls! However, seriously there haven’t been any HBO shows on either Netflix or Hulu and so we don’t think things will change anything soon.

If you want to download episodes, you should be able to find them in HD on Amazon for $2.99 an episode. However, you’re in for a pretty long wait.–iP8RPaNvw

Other Ways of Streaming Divorce Free Online?

Not that we know of at least no other legal route. Though steer clear of any so called free websites they will only get you in a jail cell with Big Bubba!

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