With the possible separation of the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh due to some medical issues, some are wondering how they are going to perform this season.  Well even with this, the Miami Heat is moving forward and gearing up to have a good season.  With the Heat off at training camp, they are working harder than ever to be the best and want to show it.  The Heat share a division with the Hornets, Heat, Hawks and Magic. So without further ado, let’s heat things up and take a look at the best ways for fans to stream the Heat games this season. Streaming NBA games is easier these days. We’ll get you there.

We Recommend: Hulu – The Best Way to Watch Miami Heat Games Online

Our favorite option for Heat game live streams is Hulu. Their new service, Hulu Live is by far the best live streaming option out there for cord cutters and those without cable. With access to dozens of channels that feature NBA games, including ESPN, Hulu is your best bet. The best part? A 100% free trial. Get access here:

Try Hulu Live Free

Fubo TV also offers Heat game live streams

We’re always a little surprised by how few people know about Fubo TV. It’s a great streaming option for those who love watching sports online. They are a bit more expensive than Hulu (and don’t offer ESPN,  yet), but they do offer tons of other networks that feature Heat games, as well as countless other sports networks. Worth testing their free trial to see if it’s a good fit for you:

Try Fubo Free

Want to watch an out-of-market Miami Heat game online?

Let’s say you live in one state, but the game you want to watch is only being broadcast in a different state. Impossible to reconcile, right? Not anymore! You can use a VPN to set your device’s location to wherever the Heat game you want to watch is being broadcast and use one of the above service to access it!


Need the Heat Game without Cable? Use Sling to Stream Live

With the internet providing another way to watch TV entertainment, alternatives to cable have been popping up.  One of such is Sling TV, which is an awesome service.  It provides a subscription to several different channels, though it does not include all of the possible channels that the game could be on.  If the Heat game is showing on ABC, TNT, TBS or ESPN, then Sling could be the perfect way to stream it.  They offer a free 7-day trial to test it out, and then it is 20 bucks a month after that.

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

Watch the Heat Play Live Online via DIRECTV NOW

Nothing beats watching the Heat play live but you can’t always be at home to catch the game. DIRECTV NOW makes it possible for nomads to watch the Heat or any other NBA game live on their mobile device. Owned the AT&T the basic package starts at $35 a month and includes dozens of channels like ESPN and Fox Spots. However, upgrading to the ‘Go Big’ subscription fro $60 a month gets you NBA TV! Give the service a shot using the link below prior to paying hard cash for it!

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Use the Official App of the Broadcasting Network to Stream the Heat Game

It can be difficult sometimes to find where to watch the game since there are several different channels it could possibly be showing on.  The way to find this out is to check out your local or cable listings and find out which channel that night’s game is on.  Once you know this, you can download the official app of that channel and stream the game from there.  When using this method, be sure to look over the different pricing and requirements of each app, being that they can vary quite a bit. Check out our guides to streaming NBA on ESPN and ABC, for example.



Use the NBA League Pass to Stream the Heat Games this Season

The NBA offers their own way of streaming the Heat games as well, called the NBA League Pass.  It is a pretty cool service that has multiple different packages, with varying price options.  You can choose to sign up for all the games of the season or purchase a pass just for the Heat games at a discount.  Plus, in case you need to watch just one game for whatever reason, they offer that option as well for just 7 bucks.  Head on over to their website and check out the different options.

Stay Away From the Sites Promoting “Free” Streams of the Heat

While the word free appeals to all of us, there are some “free” things that are too good to be true.  This includes the websites that are promoting free streams of the Heat games, and they do not mention that they are illegal.  These sites often make you download some crappy software or give personal information to even watch the stream, which can open you up to viruses on your device or identity theft.  Advertisements riddle these sites and interrupt your stream regularly.  Plus the audio and video quality leaves something to be desired, and nobody wants to watch the game with terrible quality.

Hit us up with a comment below if you can think of any other safe and legal ways to stream the Heat this season!