The Kentucky Wildcats are considered one of the best NCAA teams in the country. The University of Kentucky was the Southeastern Conference’s founding member. The Kentucky Wildcats are often collectively referred to as the Big Blue Nation. The University of Kentucky has the best men’s basketball program evident from the fact that they were the first winners of the Division I squad to win 2000 games. The team recently defeated Drexel University in 2009. The team also leads in the all-time winning percentage with .762, with a 2111-661 all-time record. The Men’s team won eight Division I championships which puts them in a close second behind UCLA’s eleven wins.  The program has also helped them win 45 SEC season in a row. The Kentucky Wildcats show no signs of slowing down evident from their performance in the previous season.

Whether you’re a NCAA men’s basketball fan in general or love betting on the Kentucky Wildcats below is how you can live stream every game they play online!

Watch NCAA Basketball on Any Station with Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a name you may not have heard of yet but it’s fast becoming one of the better streaming options for sports out there. You get CBS, TNT, TBS and a ton of other sports channels including Kentucky Wildcats games. Check out their free trial and start streaming the game below:


Streaming Kentucky Wildcats via CBS All Access

Paramount Plus streams many NCAA college basketball games. However, they may not stream games played by every team. So, make sure that you find out if Paramount Plus will be airing/streaming a Wildcats game you’re interested in watching. That said at $6 a month; it’s not a bad deal especially since in addition to live streaming an upcoming NCAA game you’ll also be able to watch dozens of hit TV shows.

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Live Stream Kentucky Wildcats Online with Sling TV

Sling TV gives you access to hundreds of TV shows and lots of sporting events including NCAA basketball championships. If you’re a hardcore Kentucky Wildcats fan, then get the Blue Package which costs $25 a month, but with it you’ll be streaming TBS, TNT, and ESPN amongst other channels. Plus, thanks to the Sling TV app for Android, iOS, Chromecast and XboxOne, you’ll never miss another Wildcats game again!

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Watch Kentucky Wildcats Online Using the Official Wildcats Website

The official Kentucky Wildcats website provides lots of information about the team, including live scores and commentary. Though you’ll not be able to stream a live Wildcats game directly via the official website. If you want to live stream the Kentucky Wildcats whenever they play, then consider the options below.

Live Stream the Kentucky Wildcats Online with AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW is a live streaming service with dozens of channels with each package you choose. The basic or ‘Live a Little’ subscription starts at $35 a month, but which includes all the channels you’ll need to live stream the Kentucky Wildcats or any other team for that matter. Also, you’ll be able to stream channels like Disney, Fox Sports, and AMC amongst others. Millennials who doubt if the service is worth it can give take it for a spin for 7 days free using the link below.


Streaming Kentucky Wildcats on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

It is near impossible to stream the Kentucky Wildcats live on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon for that matter. The services may be an excellent choice for streaming serials like The Blacklist or Arrow perhaps, but they don’t have NCAA basketball yet!

Other Methods of Streaming the Kentucky Wildcats Live Online Free

Well, if it’s free then you should be suspicious. NCAA basketball games rake in millions so why would a service offer it for free? Plus, you’ll be endangering your freedom by using these pirate streams. So, it’s best to spend a few dollars on streaming legally and stay out of jail!