The Winnipeg Jets are based in Winnipeg, Canada and are members of the National Hockey League’s Central Division. The team is owned by The True North Sports and Entertainment company. All the team’s home games are played at the MTS Centre which is sold out on most days. The reason for naming the team Jets is mainly because the original WHA/ NHL team in Winnipeg was called the Jets but which relocated to Arizona in 1995-96. They’re in the central division along with the BlackhawksAvalancheMinnesota WildNashville PredatorsSt. Louis Blues and the Stars.

Whether you’re an old Thrashers fan or a hardcore Jets fan who was happy with the relocation below is how you can stream the Jets online without having to move to Canada!

Live Stream the Winnipeg Jets Online with Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best if not the best online live channel streaming option out there. Sling TV subscribers can stream dozens of channels including numerous sports channels like ESPN and NHL Network. The basic package starts at just $20 a month with no advance, deposits or long term commitment. Plus since ESPN has a long-term broadcasting deal with the NHL it goes without saying that the ability to live stream ESPN should help you get your fix on the Winnipeg Jets whenever they are playing. Also, you also get to stream many other channels like Syfy, Disney, CNN, etc.

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Stream the Winnipeg Jets Live via DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW enables Jets fans to cut the cord and stream on the go with the service’s app for iOS and Android devices. Owed by AT&T the service does not charge subscribers for data and so you can stream the Jets play live as well as any other game. Plus, At $35 a month its not expensive compared to your local cable service which may or may not provide you with streaming options. The service does not require a long term commitment so subscribers can unsubscribe at any time without penalty.

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Watch the Winnipeg Jets Online Using the Official NHL GameCenter Service

The NHL has its own streaming service called GameCenter. Subscribers to the service can stream live preseason and season games directly to a device of their choosing. Plus, unlike other similar services a subscription is not expensive starting at $131.49 a year to watch all the games you want. However, if you want to watch games only played by the Jets, you can get the one team only subscription for $100 annually. You can also choose the monthly $24.99 subscription as well. Not bad for an excellent quality live ice hockey streaming service.


Stream the Winnipeg Jets with the PlayStation Vue

The PlayStation Vue is very similar to Sling TV except that it’s a bit more expensive starting at $40 a month. But with it you can stream ESPN along with dozens of other channels. The PlayStation Vue app allows you to stream the channels to Android, iOS, Chromecast and Roku devices in addition to your PlayStation Vue console something millennials die for!

Other Methods of Streaming the Winnipeg Jets Online Free

We have not come across any free ways of streaming the Jets online yet. But if they are then those are undoubtedly illegal, and we firmly advise that you don’t use those methods. Unless of course, you want to check in with Tiny!