The Minnesota Wild are based in St. Paul and happen to be the only one of the Minneapolis major professional sports league teams to play their home games in St. Paul. The other three play in Minneapolis.  All of the Wild’s home games are played at the Xcel Energy Center. During the 2002-03 season, the team made its very first appearance at the Stanley Cup playoff and managed to make a run right up to the Western Conference Finals. The Wild average at around .537 points since they entered the NHL. The Wild inhabit a division with the Blackhawks, Avalanche, StarsNashville PredatorsSt. Louis Blues and the Winnipeg Jets.

Live Stream the Minnesota Wild Online with Sling TV

Streaming live television to a mobile device like your iPad or Android phone will be ideal for anyone who is rarely at home but wants to watch the Wild play live. The Sling TV service starts at $20 a month and with it, you can stream ESPN live which means that fans can stream the Minnesota Wild or any other NHL team that’s playing. The NHL Network is streaming on Sling too! Also, like any good cable service provider, Sling throws in news and entertainment channels such as Bravo, NatGeo, CNN, etc.

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Fubo TV offers live Wild game streams

A little bit more expensive than Hulu Live, Fubo is a great option though if you’re looking for some of the more obscure channel streaming options. Odds are good if the Wild game is online, you can find it on Fubo.

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Want to watch an out-of-market Wild game online?

If you live in one city, but want to watch a Wild game being broadcast in another city, you will need to use a VPN service. A VPN will allow you to set your computer’s location to wherever the game is being streamed and then access the game online with one of the streaming services above.


Hulu for Streaming Minnesota Wild Games Online

One of the biggest names in streaming now has a live sports option. Hulu Live offers dozens of channels including NBC Sports, ESPN, and more, meaning you can access most Wild games online. They also offer a great free trial, so if you’re hoping to watch tonight’s game, you can try before you buy. Check it out here!

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All Minnesota Wild fans obviously know that they can watch the team’s game on TV but below we reveal how you can stream the Minnesota Wild online for free.


Other Ways of Streaming the Minnesota Wild online for Free

We certainly haven’t come across any free ways to stream the Minnesota Wild online for free and legally. That said we firmly advise you against so-called freebie websites because they are only there to steal your information or worse yet get you bum rushed and charged by the FBI with piracy.