What’s the first thing you think of when you hear about the Los Angeles Lakers? We bet it’s Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant both were responsible for helping the Lakers pick up three straight titles. Though the two seemed to be buddies on the court they did have a rather rancorous locker room relationship. However, even though millennials will only remember recent icons of the sport the Lakers were originally founded back in 1947 their first few games were played in Minneapolis and so they were called the Minneapolis Lakers. The Lakers picked up the 1948 NBL cup amongst other wins largely propelled by the team’s first superstar named George Mikan. Believe it or not, the team struggled financially after Mikan retired and it was then that the team decided to relocate to Los Angeles a little later the 60s. Today, the Lakers are the NBA’s most successful team in history currently evaluated at $2.7 billion. The team picked up 16 NBA championships and are the second most valuable team in the NBA. They share a division with a few other California teams and the Suns including the Clippers, Kings and Golden State Warriors.

Thanks to the internet NBA fans, no longer need a huge 50-inch television. Below we look at the various methods you can use to stream the Lakers online.

We Recommend: Hulu – The Best Way to Watch LA Lakers Games Online

Our favorite option for Lakers game live streams is Hulu. Their new service, Hulu Live is by far the best live streaming option out there for cord cutters and those without cable. With access to dozens of channels that feature NBA games, including ESPN, Hulu is your best bet. The best part? A 100% free trial. Get access here:

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Fubo TV also offers Los Angeles Lakers game live streams

We’re always a little surprised by how few people know about Fubo TV. It’s a great streaming option for those who love watching sports online. They are a bit more expensive than Hulu (and don’t offer ESPN,  yet), but they do offer tons of other networks that feature Lakers games, as well as countless other sports networks. Worth testing their free trial to see if it’s a good fit for you:

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Want to watch an out-of-market Lakers game online?

Let’s say you live in one state, but the game you want to watch is only being broadcast in a different state. Impossible to reconcile, right? Not anymore! You can use a VPN to set your device’s location to wherever the Lakers game you want to watch is being broadcast and use one of the above service to access it!


Live Stream Lakers Online with Sling TV

All sports fans should have a Sling TV subscription that’s our recommendation. You can have the subscription all year round because it allows you to stream not just the Lakers and the NBA but also the MLB, NHL, etc. So, if you’re a huge sports fan, you won’t have to pay to watch each individually. Sling TV works out to be a lot cheaper at just $20 a month for the basic package. Also, unlike the NBA Game Pass you’re not going to get blacked out if you happen to be in Los Angeles. Sling TV allows you to stream the Lakers live on TNT, ESPN, Fox Sports, etc.

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Watch the Lakers Online Using the Official NBA Game Pass

If you want to take the official route to watch the Lakers slam dunk your dream team, then the NBA Game Pass is the way to go. You pay $200, a onetime fee after which you can stream pretty much any game you want. However, if you’re just interested in only watching the Lakers, you can get by a pass to watch the Lakers only that way you can watch all the Lakers’ games when they become available. You can also stream a single game at $7 a pop.



Stream the Lakers via the PlayStation Vue

The PlayStation Vue is not as cheap as Sling TV, but it integrates directly and seamlessly with your PlayStation 4, not to mention the fact that you can stream live channels directly to your mobile device. The basic package does not suffice if you’re a sports fan, and so you’ll be looking to pay upwards of $45 a month for the privilege to stream ESPN, Fox Sports 1&2, and numerous other channels live.

Other Ways of Streaming the Los Angeles Lakers Online for Free

Tire kickers and homeless bums who think they can sneak into Starbucks to stream a live Lakers game via a pirate’s website for free are warned because big brother is watching! That Starbucks WiFi maybe free but it’s still monitored. If you try pirating premium content like the Lakers game the only place you’ll end up in is prison.