UPDATE 2017/2018: The Saints games on broadcast networks NBC, FOX and ESPN are now available on DIRECTV NOW this year, no cable required. If you’re an AT&T Wireless customer you’ll save a ton of money as well. Sign up for their seven day free trial to see if it’s for you:

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Most people have no idea how a group of sinners can be called Saints but believe it or not, the name is an allusion to the 1st November All Saints Day which, if you happen to be a good Catholic, you’ll know all about. It goes without saying that the Saints used to and perhaps still have a large Catholic following. The team has many rivals, but they mainly hate the Atlanta Falcons though the Falcons are currently ahead with an all-time record of 49-46 against the Saints. They share the NFC South with the Buccaneers and Panthers as well.

If you are a big fan of the New Orleans Saints then here is how to stream every game they play online.

Live Stream New Orleans Saints Online with Sling TV

If you live for watching live football on the go when you cannot go wrong with Sling TV. Unlike a regular cable subscription Sling TV is built for millennials but not by millennials! But seriously who cares as long as you can stream the NFL, college football and a host of all other football leagues on the go. When you subscribe to Sling TV you get access to ESPN 1&2, Fox Sports 1&2 as well as the NFL network. So, there is no doubt about the fact that you’ll be streaming the game live in all its commercial glory. RedZone is even on Sling now!

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Watch Saints Games Live Without Cable with DIRECTV NOW

New Orleans residents are always looking for the best deal out there.  DIRECTV Now has all the cable channels you’d ever want, including the Saints game. ESPN, Fox News and of course you’ll be able to stream all Saints games in the world. Use the 7 day free trial to decide if it’s right for you but it probably is.

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Watch the New Orleans Saints Via the Team’s Official Website

The official website for the New Orleans Saints has everything that a Saints fan would want. There are videos, interviews, ticket information, game information and even short clips from the latest games. However, what the website does not have is free and live streaming every time the team plays. However, who can complain when 99% of the content on the website is absolutely free? Though if live streaming is your thing we’d strongly advise you use a paid streaming service like the ones we recommend below.



Stream the New Orleans Saints with the PlayStation Vue

Think of the PlayStation Vue as being very similar to Sling TV except for two things the first being that the Vue is more expensive and the second being that they don’t yet have the NFL network. However, you’ll still be able to stream ESPN and Fox Sports. That said the basic package starts at around $30 and can go upwards of $55. But you should consider it if you have a PlayStation 4, and you’re going to be switching between your television and video games a lot. There is a PlayStation Vue app too for smartphones and other devices.

Other Ways of Streaming the New Orleans Saints Online

  • NFL Mobile is an app exclusive to Verizon customers. It might be on your phone right now, actually because they pre-install it. The app gets you Thursday, Sunday and Monday night Saints games.
  • Want to watch the Saints on Thursday Nights? Amazon Prime members get that for free. Check it out:
  • Try Amazon Prime Free for 30 Days
  • NFL Game Pass is the official option for watching pre-recorded games 1 hour after they air. Don’t have any Saints fan friends who might spoil it? It’s a good deal then at $100 per season.
  • Go to the game and root for the Saints! It’s like live streaming only right into your face for the price of a ticket.

Be a Saint and Avoid Piracy

We bet there are other ways to stream the New Orleans Saints live online, but they are not legal. Because we are against all forms of piracy, we will not disclose them. But we will say this “Piracy is a crime, and it should be avoided at all costs even if you’re broke and love prison.” But seriously folks, support the saints and avoid a likely computer virus by subscribing to one of the options above.