The Carolina Hurricanes are members of the NHL’s Metropolitan Division which is part of the Eastern Conference. The team’s home games are played at the humongous 18680 seat PNC Arena. Originally formed back in 1971, and called the New England Whalers, they were part of the World Hockey Association but joined the NHL in 1979 when the two merged. The team was renamed to the Hartford Whalers, but after relocating to North Carolina in 1997, they decided to come up with a more perhaps destructive name. The name proved to work for the team as they later won their first Stanley Cup in the 2005-06 season by beating the Edmonton Oilers by four games to three. After the win, the team couldn’t stay on track with winning which resulted in four players resorting to becoming free agents which apparently meant that the team struggled a great deal through 2007. Even though many like to think that the team has improved, we believe that they still aren’t the way they were back during the 2005-06 season. The Caps share a division with the Blue JacketsDevilsNew York IslandersNew York RangersPhiladelphia FlyersPittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals.

If you’re a huge Carolina Hurricanes fan or perhaps just like rooting for the underdog then below is how you can stream the Carolina Hurricanes online free.

We Recommend: Hulu for Streaming Hurricanes Games Online

One of the biggest names in streaming now has a live sports option. Hulu Live offers dozens of channels including NBC Sports, ESPN, and more, meaning you can access most Hurricanes games online. They also offer a great free trial, so if you’re hoping to watch tonight’s game, you can try before you buy. Check it out here!

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Fubo TV offers live Hurricanes game streams

A little bit more expensive than Hulu Live, Fubo is a great option though if you’re looking for some of the more obscure channel streaming options. Odds are good if the Hurricanes game is online, you can find it on Fubo.

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Want to watch an out-of-market Hurricanes game online?

If you live in one city, but want to watch a Hurricanes game being broadcast in another city, you will need to use a VPN service. A VPN will allow you to set your computer’s location to wherever the game is being streamed and then access the game online with one of the streaming services above.


Watch The Carolina Hurricanes Online Using the Official NHL GameCenter Service

The NHL GameCenter is the only way you can stream hundreds of NHL games throughout the year officially. GameCenter will cost millennials a solid $131.49 for an annual subscription or $24.99 a month. Even though it’s significantly cheaper than both the NFL and NBA’s official options, it’s slightly more expensive than the MLB’s. However, the subscription will buy you access to hundreds of regular season games which may not necessarily feature the Carolina Hurricanes playing but then again you can use the filter option. Plus, with the ability to stream four games at the same time you can split the costs with four of your minimum wage buddies. Oh and if you just want to stream the Hurricanes you can choose the single team package which costs $100 a year.


Live Stream the Carolina Hurricanes Online with Sling TV

One of the best things about Sling TV is that you can stream the channels that are part of the package you subscribe to live. So, you can for all intents and purposes can stream the Carolina Hurricanes whenever they are playing live complete with commentary via NHL NetworkESPN and Fox Sports both of which cover most of the NHL’s games. Plus, you can stream the game live on the go via your iPad, iPhone or any other smart device.

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Watch the Carolina Hurricans Play Live with DIRECTV NOW

A DIRECTV NOW subscription will ensure that regardless of whether you’re at work, out on a date or in a cheap motel there is no reason to worry about missing the game. The service live streams a load of sports channels which ensure that you’ll be able to catch the Carolina Hurricanes playling live via the DIRECTV NOW app. Plus at $35 a month and AT&T offering free streaming bandwidth its a streal for NHL fans, though just be sure to opt for a bundle which includes the NHL Network. Try the service for free via the button below:

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Stream the Carolina Hurricanes with the Playstation Vue

Think of the PlayStation Vue as a slightly more expensive version of Sling TV but with a bit more flexibility. The primary or ‘Access’ package as it is called will cost you $40 a month, but with it you get 60 channels including ESPN 1&2, so you’re covered for pretty much every Carolina Hurricanes’ games. Similar to Sling TV you can stream live!

Other Ways of Streaming the Carolina Hurricanes free

We don’t know of any free, legal and online ways of streaming the Hurricanes. However, steer clear of so-called ‘freebie’ streaming websites because that’s only going to get you into trouble and possibly a prison cell with a guy named Cosby AKA Hot Cosby!