The New Jersey Devils are based in Newark, NJ and compete in the National Hockey League. The team’s main rivals are right across the Hudson i.e. the New York Rangers. Though they also seem to hate the Flyers just as much. The Devils share a division with the HurricanesBlue JacketsNew York IslandersNew York RangersPhiladelphia FlyersPittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals.

If you’re a fan of the New Jersey Devils or just like to show your support for the team by watching whenever they play, then below is how you can stream them live online.

Watch the New Jersey Devils Live with DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW enables subscribers to live stream the New Jersey Devils game from just about any modern smart phone or tablet PC. The service is owned by AT&T and works by streaming live channels via its mobile app which means that subscribers can stream on the go. Starting at $35 a month and no long term commitment required its bound to save NHL fans a stack of cash. Plus, AT&T does not charge subscribers to the service for streaming so that’s an additional savings. Devils fans can give the service a shot for free via the button below.

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Live Stream the New Jersey Devils Online with Sling TV

If you love the New Jersey Devils but think the official route is way too expensive then you’ll love what Sling TV has to offer. Sling TV offers a truckload of channels all of which are streamed live. The channels include NHL NetworkESPN 1&2, and Fox Sports for sports fans. By the way, ESPN will be airing most of the Devils’ games this season, and with a Sling TV subscription, you can stream it live on a device of your choice. The best part is you just pay $20 a month!

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Watch The New Jersey Devils Online Using the Official NHL GameCenter Service

The official way to stream the New Jersey Devils online for fans is via the GameCenter service. If you’re only a Devils fan, then you’ll just want to stick with streaming all of the team’s games. Fans wanting to follow just the Devils i.e. watch all their games including lots of preseason matches etc. a GameCenter subscription makes the most sense at $100 annually. However, if you like to place bets online, then you’re surely following more than one team in which case the $131.49 annually makes more sense. If you have a crappy job but a dream to play for the Devils one day try the monthly $24.99 subscription.



Stream the New Jersey Devils with the PlayStation Vue

There is no need for you to have a PlayStation 3 or 4 to subscribe and take advantage of the Vue. The Vue is an online live streaming service which like Sling TV gives you access to dozens of channels including ESPN and Fox Sports. However, it is a bit more expensive at $40 a month for the ‘Access’ package.

Other Methods of Streaming the New Jersey Devils Online for Free

Unfortunately, there aren’t any free methods of streaming the New Jersey Devils online. Though they are foreign websites that offer free streaming if you click a million ads. But even then you’re getting yourself labeled as a pirate which does not go down well with the FBI!