The Indiana Hoosiers or the Hoosiers as they are commonly referred to by fans compete in the Big Ten Conference of the NCAA. The college’s basketball team has been credited with winning five NCAA Championships. The five wins put the college currently in a tie with North Carolina and their rivals at Duke and just behind UCLA’s 11 wins and Kentucky’s 8 wins. The Hoosiers have 53 Big Ten selections making them the most selected team. The team also ranks 7th in the all time AP pool, and they are no. 6th in the number of weeks holding on to the no. 1. A study found that Indiana has the 3rd best and most valuable basketball programs in the USA. The team’s main rivals are the Purdue Boilermakers, Kentucky Wildcats, and the Illinois Fighting Illini.

Whether you’re a big fan of Indiana’s explosive offense, or their ability to bounce back, below his how you can stream the Indiana Hoosiers online for free!

Watch NCAA Basketball on Any Station with Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a name you may not have heard of yet but it’s fast becoming one of the better streaming options for sports out there. You get CBS, TNT, TBS and a ton of other sports channels including The Indiana Hoosiers games. Check out their free trial and start streaming the game below:


Watch Indiana Hoosiers Online Using the Official Hoosiers Website

The official Hoosiers website is free to visit, but there isn’t a live streaming option. Though the official app for iOS and Android devices will help get you some live commentary and scores whenever the team is playing it may not always cut it for fans. If you’re really serious about watching the Hoosiers play then, you’ll either need to invest in cable or use any one of the methods below to stream live channels broadcasting the Indiana Hoosiers game live.

Streaming Indiana Hoosiers via CBS All Access

Paramount Plus is an excellent place to start if you’re a Hoosiers fan who wants to stream every game when on the go. The All Access app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Plus in addition to being able to stream the Indiana Hoosiers, you can also live stream other CBS content like their shows such as Supergirl, Brain Dead, etc. That said if you are in the habit of switching over to another network to avoid the commercials then you can’t do that with All Access!

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Live Stream Indiana Hoosiers Online with Sling TV

Sling TV is like having a regular cable service but hooked up to your mobile device. $20 buys you dozens of channels such as ESPN which are known to stream the Indiana Hoosiers whenever they play. However, if you want to be extra careful so that you don’t miss streaming an important game, then it’s worth paying $25 to upgrade to the ‘Sling Blue’ package. ‘Sling Blue’ throws in TBS and TNT both of which also stream Hoosiers’ games.

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Live Stream the Indiana Hoosiers Online with AT&T TV NOW

DIRECTV is very similar to Sling TV and offers almost all the same channels, which means that you’ll be able to stream the Hoosiers live even with the basic package. The basic DIRECTV package called “Live a Little” costs $35 a month. But despite being slightly more expensive when compared to Sling TV, you don’t have to pay for the data you consume on your smartphone or tablet while streaming! So, if you’re addicted to college basketball and streaming lots of entertainment channels, then DIRECTV is the way to go.


Streaming Indiana Hoosiers on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

You’re not going to be able to stream the Hoosiers on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. All three services tend to steer clear from sports in general so don’t feel offended if you’re a NCAA Basketball fan!

Other Ways of Streaming the Indiana Hoosiers Online for Free

Free streaming methods other than if its official often means that you’re accessing a pirate stream. In the US piracy can get you jail time. So, unless you want to share a bunk with good old Big Bubba, we suggest you stick with the options discussed above!