The Cleveland Browns or the Browns as they are called were founded back in 1945 by Arthur B. McBridge who along with coach Paul Brown joined as charter member of the AFC. The Browns did and continued to do very well maintaining a 47-4-3 record in all four active seasons. When the league finally closed down in 1949, the team joined the National Football League with the 49ers and Colts.

The Brows play all their home games at the FirstEnergy Stadium wearing their official brown, white and orange color uniforms. The Steelers are the main rivals, who would have guessed with a name like that (Steelers), and it’s the longest running rivalry in the industry. At the moment the Steelers have a 70-58 edge.

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Fubo has Full Streaming Access to NFL Games

Local streaming deals for NFL broadcasting rights can be complicated. Fubo has done a great job of securing some of them and, like the options above, will allow you to stream NFL games and RedZone live on mobile devices in most major markets. Head over there now for a free trial and to find out what teams are streaming with Fubo:

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Stream NFL Games with Hulu?

One of the biggest names in streaming, Hulu has live streaming options that will give you access to ESPN, FOX, CBS, and NBC. That should cover a good chunk of the Browns games you’re looking to stream if your local team is available on one of these networks.

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Use a VPN to access out-of-market games

Live in Texas but want to watch a game broadcasting in Florida? NordVPN has you covered. Set up a VPN and just like that, you can use any of the above streaming services to access live streams of your favorite team.


Watch Browns Games Live Sans Cable with AT&T TV NOW

Browns fans may be down and out but they still want to stream their games. AT&T TV NOW’s service is a bit newer but has all the channels you’re probably looking for. ESPN, Lifetime and of course SEC Network. You get a 7 day free trial so give it a try. It’s only $35 after that but that’s still about a third the cost of cable these days!


Stream the Cleveland Browns Live Via the Official Website

The official website of the Cleveland Browns has everything you’ll ever want to know about the team. The website throws in highlights from previous games and short clips of the best moments. There are also interviews and even an app which you can download to your smartphone to get all the information you need. However, they offer no way to stream the Cleveland Browns game online. But the website does help you figure out where and when the Browns will be playing next, and that can help you determine which channel will broadcast the game live.



If the Browns Game is on CBS, Stream it Free with All Access

If the Cleveland Browns game is on CBS, you can stream it through CBS’s new streaming service ‘Paramount Plus.’ Normally $6 a month, Paramount Plus now offers a free trial, that you can cancel at any time. Check local listings.

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If You Are a Cable TV Subscriber and Would Like to Stream the Browns Live

If you happen to be a subscriber to a couple of sports channels because you’re an average television loving American, then you can stream the channel you’ve subscribed to live. For instance, if you’ve subscribed to ESPN 2 or Fox Sports 1, and they happen to be broadcasting the Cleveland Browns live, you can simply download their app, enter your subscription details and start streaming for free. However, if you’re not a subscriber, then there is another alternative which we are sure many millennials thank us for.

Any Other Options for Streaming the Browns like Netflix or Hulu?

Eh, no.

The Browns and most sports are not on Netflix or Amazon or Hulu and probably won’t be ever. Sports aren’t their thing. They are on Playstation Vue if you have the right package there. Verizon has a free app that includes Monday, Thursday and Sunday night football games in addition to the playoffs. That’s free if you have Verizon but only on mobile devices. Maybe that doesn’t bother you, though and you’ll have the Browns at your fingertips. Watch that data plan though because one HD game is probably 1GB.

This year, though the Browns play Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime as well! You can do a 30 day trial here:

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What About Other Ways of Streaming the Browns Live Online?

Well, they are a few, but we wouldn’t advise that you use them. It’s illegal, unethical and the quality sucks especially if you need to click on every ad that pops up to continue watching. You’re also very, very likely to catch a computer virus. So support the Browns and subscribe to one of the legit services above.