An interesting piece of trivia for all you millennials out there is that the Indianapolis Colts have been part of the NFL since its founding. They now share a division with Houston, Jacksonville, and Tennessee. The Colts are credited with being one of the three founding teams to join the American Football League following the merger in 1970. While playing in Baltimore, the team managed to make it to the playoffs nearly a dozen times and won the NFL Championship games in 1958, 59 and then 1968.  Whether you’re a big fan of the Indianapolis Colts or just want to watch them lose to your favorite team here is how to stream the Indianapolis Colts online!

Live Stream the Indianapolis Colts with Sling TV

If you’re the type of millennial who wants stream a live game on their mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android device), then Sling TV is perhaps the perfect choice. When you sign up for Sling TV, you get ESPN 1&2 with their basic $20 a month package. ESPN happens to air the vast majority of Indianapolis Colts games so you can for all intents and purposes stream wherever you are or wherever you may be going. However, if you upgrade to a better package you also get Fox Sports which means that now there is no chance of missing the game just a because you’re on a date!

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Fubo has Live Streaming Access to Colts Games

Local streaming deals for NFL broadcasting rights can be complicated. Fubo has done a great job of securing some of them and, like the options above, will allow you to stream NFL games and RedZone live on mobile devices in most major markets. Head over there now for a free trial and to find out what teams are streaming with Fubo:

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Stream Colts Games Online with Hulu

One of the biggest names in streaming, Hulu has live streaming options that will give you access to ESPN, FOX, CBS, and NBC. That should cover a good chunk of the Colts games you’re looking to stream if your local team is available on one of these networks.

Watch NFL Games on Hulu LIVE

Use a VPN to access out-of-market games

Live in Texas but want to watch a game broadcasting in Florida? NordVPN has you covered. Set up a VPN and just like that, you can use any of the above streaming services to access live streams of your favorite team.


Watch Colts Games Live Without Cable with AT&T TV NOW

Colts fans like to keep it real.   AT&T TV NOW is a very real service that has all the channels you’re looking for including ESPN, Fox News, College Football and of course you’ll be able to stream all Colts games you want. You should grab the 7 day free trial and give it a go.


Watch The Indianapolis Colts Online via Their Official Website

One of the things you have got to love about the Clots is their website. It’s just way better than many other teams and the videos on it are of HD quality so what more could you possibly want? Even though the official website does not offer any free game streaming options but you still get to watch past game highlights, interviews, and tons of other stuff that you can find on YouTube too, but it’s all in one place. Also because it’s free we have nothing bad to say about it just that it’s not a good option if you want to live stream the Colts. For live streaming check out the other options below.



Is the Colts Game on CBS? Get Free Access Here

CBS now offers a free trial of their streaming service All Access. If the Indianapolis Colts are broadcasting locally on CBS, you can get access to a live stream of the game free this week. Paramount Plus normally costs $6 a month, but can be cancelled at any time. It also offers a back catalog of other CBS shows.

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The PlayStation Vue has the Colts as Well

The Vue is like Sling TV in the sense that you don’t need to have a cable service provider and television to watch the NFL. You can signup for the PlayStation Vue and then stream the channels you want right across numerous devices. However, the only package worth subscribing to with the Vue if you’re a Colts fan is their ‘Elite’ package. But that package is $55 a month, pretty expensive considering that you can use Sling TV for less than half that price.

Are Colts Games on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or Whatever?

Nope. Live sports on on the normal TV streaming services  and some of the new streaming ones mentioned above. However, this year Amazon bought the rights to stream Thursday Night Football so if you’re a Prime member you can do that every week! They have a 30 day trial too so get those Colts games now:

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Other, Less Legal Streaming Methods for the Colts

We know there are a few other ways to stream the Indianapolis Colts online, but some are not the best options. After all, pirating a football game is not our idea of being a model citizen or a Colts supporter! We don’t recommend or advocate piracy in any form or for any reason but if you do go that route be sure to install an ad blocker and a malware scanner. You’re going to need it.