Disney is the soul of many of our childhoods. Between the theme parks and the iconic movies, Disney took quality to a whole new level. Animation that was once exclusively for children has been elevated to a place where adults can unabashedly claim to be “Disney Fans”.

Disney movies are the cornerstone of the entire experience. From The Lion King to Aladdin to classics like Bambi, everyone has a favorite that they’d like to stream online or watch on the go. Imagine having all of these classics at your fingertips, able to watch them online from anywhere in the world.

There are several different ways to watch Disney movies online. The world of streaming copyright law is a complicated one but luckily you’ve got us here to help clear the fog.

Are Disney Movies on Netlfix or Hulu?

Netflix has a sizable deal with Disney at the moment that allows you to stream any number of Disney classic movies online for free. They know that kids content is one of the keys to the future of television. Pocahontas, Mulan, Cars and Hercules are all available right now. Not all of the classics are there, though so keep reading if you need more options for streaming your favorite Disney movie.

Hulu has a few Disney shows that you can probably find on the Disney Channel but they don’t have the classics you’re probably looking for. Hulu won’t get you to the promised land when to watching Disney movies online.

Stream Disney Movies with Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney Movies Anywhere is a service that is quite innovative, actually. When you buy the physical release of a Disney movie these days you’re now often given a code to redeem a matching copy of the movie online. Just visit their site to redeem it. This is great because you get the joy of owning a physical copy for lending and looking great in your library, but you also get the convenience of a digital copy for watching on the go.  Streaming this way is totally free once you’ve purchased the movie initially.

watch-disney-movies-online-freeThis is a great option for those of you who have little ones still capable of breaking or at least scratching that priceless blu-ray collection of yours. Hey, at least you’ll have this digital version forever!

Download and Stream Disney Movies from Digital Retailers

If you don’t need the physical version of a Disney movie you can always purchase the digital version directly from retailers like iTunes, Amazon or Google Play. If you prefer to watch Disney Movies online exclusively then you probably don’t want or need the Blu-Rays. Check out Amazon for the latest releases and build your streaming collection of Disney movies.

Every Time you Pirate a Disney Movie, a Princess Dies

It may be tempting to simply pirate (aka “steal”) various Disney movies. If you perpetuate this type of behavior, your children will surely follow suit. “Daddy, why are you stealing from Disney?”  What will your answer be? Disney can’t create magic without your support so be sure to avoid thieving and use one of the legitimate options above to stream your favorite Disney movies online.