The Jacksonville Jaguars are based in Jacksonville, Florida and are a part of the NFL; they are also members of the AFC South division alongside the Titans, Texans and Colts (arguably the worst division in football). All home games for the Jaguars take place at the EverBank Field. Fans may already know this, but the Jaguars joined the NFL as part of the expansion along with the Carolina Panthers back in 1995 which also happens to be one of their main rivals. That said the team has proven to have a highly talented roster evident from two division wins back in 1998 and 1999 back to back.

Live Stream the Jacksonville Jaguars Online with Sling TV

If you want to live stream the Jacksonville Jaguars you certainly cannot beat Sling TV! The basic package is just $20 a month but with it, you get access to ESPN 1&2. This means that if the Jaguars game happens to be airing on ESPN, you will be able to stream it live. Interestingly a good majority of NFL games are televised on ESPN 1&2 along with Fox Sports. So you’re pretty much setup as long as you’ve downloaded and installed Sling TV’s app for your phone and tablet computer. If you don’t have one, don’t worry you can live stream directly on your laptop via the built-in browser.

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Fubo has Live Streaming Access to Jags Games

Local streaming deals for NFL broadcasting rights can be complicated. Fubo has done a great job of securing some of them and, like the options above, will allow you to stream NFL games and RedZone live on mobile devices in most major markets. Head over there now for a free trial and to find out what teams are streaming with Fubo:

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Stream Jaguars Games with Hulu

One of the biggest names in streaming, Hulu has live streaming options that will give you access to ESPN, FOX, CBS, and NBC. That should cover a good chunk of the Jaguars games you’re looking to stream if your local team is available on one of these networks.

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Use a VPN to access out-of-market games

Live in Texas but want to watch a game broadcasting in Florida? NordVPN has you covered. Set up a VPN and just like that, you can use any of the above streaming services to access live streams of your favorite team.


Watch Jaguars Games Live Online Without Cable using AT&T TV NOW

Jacksonville Jags fans love to stream the games when they aren’t lounging in the in-stadium pools.  AT&T TV NOW’s service is a new option that has all the channels you’re looking for. ESPN, Fox News and almost every Jags game streaming for free along with your $35 per month subscription that includes most cable channels. You should grab the 7 day free trial because you’ll save a ton of money over cable.


Watch The Jacksonville Jaguars Online Using Their Official Website

Streaming the Jacksonville Jaguars happens to be as simple as visiting their official website. Not many people may know this, but their website has quite a bit of information in the way of highlight reels, interviews, and even a ticking scoreboard when the team plays. However, lack of a dedicated app may turn off a few millennials but whom can complain when it’s free and official? That said if you’re into live streaming every Jaguars game we have a couple of options for you below because their site doesn’t do that.



Live Stream via the PlayStation Vue

The PlayStation Vue is very similar to Sling TV though twice the price. If you’re a sports fan and want to be able to live stream both ESPN and Fox Sports, you’ll have to pay a hefty $55 a month for the privilege. That said it would make sense if you own an overpriced PlayStation 4 and a truckload of other gadgets which you want to be connected with the ability to stream a live sporting event. If you’re a down on your luck, unfortunate American youngster with monthly child support we’d lean in favor of Sling TV for you.

Other Streaming Methods for Jaguar Fans

  • Verizon Wireless users have a mobile app called NFL Mobile on their phones (go check now!) that will get you any prime time game the Jags play for free.
  • NFL Game Pass gets you all previously recorded games one hour after they air live. It’s a hundred bucks per season so it’s not a bad deal if you live internationally.
  • Go to the game! The Jags have a freaking swimming pool in their stadium and tickets are cheap as hell.

Amazon also bought the rights to stream Thursday Night Football online, including the Jaguars TNF game. Use their 30 day free trial to check it out live:

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Fighting Piracy and Supporting the Jaguars

Well if you wanted to spend some time in jail just to see how it feels then you’re more than welcome to try out any one of the dozens of pirate websites. If not then stick to the options we’ve discussed above.