When you think of the New England Patriots what do you imagine? An amazing team from Boston that mercilessly destroys opponents? A bunch of cheaters that do whatever they can to win? The Patriots are many things to many people but there’s no denying one single fact: they’re fun to watch, online or otherwise.  New England is in the AFC East with the Jets, Dolphins and Bills (wow, no wonder they win so often!)

The NFL restricts streaming on the whole but offers a few different methods for getting the Patriots game online. Here are some of them.

Live Stream the Patriots Game with Sling TV no Matter Which Channel They’re On

What if I told you there was an online streaming service that offered not only RedZone, Monday Night Football (as well as TNF and SNF) in addition to AMC, MTV and lots of other channels for $20-30 depending on the package you select? You’d check it out right? Well Sling is all grown up and is just that service. There’s a trial period so give it a go. You’ll get all Patriots games without fuss or buffering. Learn more about it here.

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Fubo has Live Streaming Access to NFL Games

Local streaming deals for NFL broadcasting rights can be complicated. Fubo has done a great job of securing some of them and, like the options above, will allow you to stream NFL games and RedZone live on mobile devices in most major markets. Head over there now for a free trial and to find out what teams are streaming with Fubo like your Patriots:

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Stream Patriots Games Online with Hulu

One of the biggest names in streaming, Hulu has live streaming options that will give you access to ESPN, FOX, CBS, and NBC. That should cover a good chunk of the Patriots games you’re looking to stream if your local team is available on one of these networks.

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Use a VPN to access out-of-market games

Live in one city but want to watch a game broadcasting in a different city? NordVPN has you covered. Set up a VPN and just like that, you can use any of the above streaming services to access live streams of your favorite team.


Are The Patriots on Netflix or Hulu?

Netflix hasn’t figured out sports yet. There are no live sporting events, including the Patriots games streaming on Netflix. It would be an epic turn in the saga of online streaming if an NFL game appeared on Netflix but so far it hasn’t happened.

Hulu now has a live TV option so you can basically watch any Patriots game that way these days:

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Patriots game on CBS? Stream it free with Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus now gives you access to NFL games in your region! If you’re looking to watch the Patriots online when the game is on CBS, their inexpensive streaming service is a great way to do so. It also gives you access to their back catalog as well as live streams of all their shows.

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Other Streaming Services That Have The Patriots Game

Okay, so you’ve used up your free trials on some of the other services above and you need your Patriots streaming fix. Here are a few others that have similar lineups to Sling and should get you every Patriots game live:

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Live Stream the Patriots for Free on Verizon’s NFL Mobile

If you’re using Verizon you should have an app on your phone called “NFL Mobile”.  If not, you can download it from the Play or Apple store. Verizon customers can stream any Patriots game including Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football or SNF for free via the NFL Mobile App. There are no catches, you’ll have to experience a blank screen during commercials but you can totally stream any “special” Patriots game mentioned with impunity. Normal Sunday morning games won’t appear in this app but you can always watch those on traditional television if you’re in Boston.

Avoid Illegal Streams of Patriots Games

You want to support Tom Brady, right? You’re his number one fan. Well, every time you search for an illegal live stream of The Patriots game you cause your team to lose a point. We’re kidding, of course but the fact remains that you’re not doing the league or the game you love any favors by resorting to illegal live streams. In addition, you’ll probably encounter malware as well as choppy, non-HD streams that ruin the NFL experience online. Use one of the above methods instead of searching for a live stream of the Patriots game that might not be so official.