UPDATE: Spike TV changed their name to “Paramount Network” and is rebranding as a premium network in the vein of HBO. They also picked up The Shannara Chronicles!

Spike was formally called Spike TV, but the ‘TV’ had to be taken out after famous actor Spike Lee filed a lawsuit against the television channel. The court ruled in his favor apparently because ‘TV’ sounds like ‘Lee’. Spike reaches 98.7 million subscribers across the US and Canada. It’s owned by Viacom Media Networks.

Spike is labelled as a general entertainment channel with much of the programming geared towards men, but as of late around 45% of the viewers are women. It could be because some of the most recent programming including Striperella, Gray the Rat, The Mist and This Just In! is slightly more feminist in nature than reruns of V.I.P, The A-Team and Baywatch.

While being a subscriber to Spike can open your television up to some great programming thanks to the internet age you can watch Spike online live on just about any device.

Sling TV has Spike Streaming Live!

Spike is one of the many channels offered by Sling TV for just $19.99 a month. You get to stream Spike online live for free along with a host of channels which works out to be a lot cheaper than going through your regular cable provider. Plus, you can take your subscription on the road thanks to a very easy to use mobile app for both iOS and Android devices available via the Appstore and Google Playstore. More than Spike, though you’ll get VH1, AMC, BET and more!

Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

AT&T TV NOW Also has Spike Available without Cable

If you’re looking for another sans cable option that isn’t Sling you should try AT&T TV NOW. It’s very similar to Sling except their channel lineup is a little different. For example they have Fox News but not NFL RedZone. Check out their seven day free trial that will get you Spike TV live without cable.


Streaming via the Spike Website and App

Spike’s website gives you access to almost all programming past and present. Subscribers to Spike via their cable service provider can also stream Spike online live and for free across their computer, iOS and Android app. Imagine watching ‘Cops’ as you head over to meet your long distance girlfriend. If you are not a subscriber, you can only check out clips from the latest episode. You could also try your hand at asking friends and family members for their subscription credentials.


Spike Programming on Netflix and Hulu?

Some series such as the long-standing reality TV show Cops is available on Netflix and Hulu, though not considered free since you have to subscribe! However, these online streaming websites have a license from Spike to stream some of their content which means that many popular shows are available but you’ll just have to search for the ones you like.

PlayStation Vue has Some Spike Content as Well

The PlayStation Vue has very little to do with the console and a lot to do with portable cable television. The primary or ‘Access’ offering of the Vue costs $39.99 and includes Spike as one of the many channels on their list. The remarkable thing about the Vue is that you can stream via the Vue app across most portable devices available today including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices. The only drawback perhaps is that it’s pricier than its closest competitor i.e. Sling TV.

Streaming Spike online live and for 100% free? Is it possible?

Not really unless you want to break a few dozen copyright and federal laws not to mention install all manner of malicious applications on your computer.