If you are a huge Cincinnati Red fan, it’s a good idea to put your money where your heart is and bet on them, but few do. Maybe that’s the reason you’re reading this because you don’t want to spend money on watching the Reds getting their butts kicked, streaming online or otherwise. Regardless of why you are here, we’re going to give you the lowdown on how to watch the Cincinnati Reds free online, though keep in mind the fact that legal is not always free. They share a division with the Cardinals, Cubs, Brewers and Indians.

Sling TV is Great way to Live Stream the Reds Online

Sling TV is one of the leading online regular cable alternatives which has a loyal fan base comprising of many Cincinnati Reds fans. ESPN and ESPN2 are part of the basic package, so you have nothing to worry about. Regarding quality, the streaming is smooth, but it pays to invest in a broadband connection.

Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

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Stream games anywhere using a VPN

If you already have access to a streaming service, but you want to watch a game not broadcasting in your local area, consider using a VPN service to allow streaming of your favorite team. For example, if you’re in Texas, but want to watch The Reds online, a VPN like NordVPN will allow you to do just that.


Fubo has most Live MLB Games Too!

Fubo is another service where cable is not required and you’ll get access to almost every MLB game you need for a low monthly fee you can cancel at any time. Give FuboTV a try as well:

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If the Reds are on ESPN, Try ESPN+

If your team has a special evening game on Sunday Night Baseball or ESPN, you’ll need ESPN+ or one of the streaming services with ESPN included to stream said game:

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Use Hulu Live to watch games online

Hulu is one of biggest names when it comes to offering live streams. So if the baseball game you’re hoping to stream is on one of the networks they have available in their packages, this will also be a good plan for you to consider!

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Watch The Reds on the Official Website

You simply cannot get any more official than the MLB’s official television channel which seems to have a deep love for the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds get a decent amount of coverage for a losing team, but that should put a smile on the face of every fan reading this piece. But is not free, it’s only free if you’ve subscribed to their cable channel. One alternative if you’re a useless tech junkie is to beg people you know for their credentials and use that to stream the Cincinnati Reds game free via


The other option is to pull out your nearly maxed out credit card to pay $19.99 a month or for the entire year a decent $109.99 knowing that you’re helping the MLB make ends meet. After all, they’ve got kids too!

Live Stream the Reds Online with AT&T TV NOW

A AT&T TV NOW subscription allows you to stream the Reds as well as every other MLB team that’s playing and that’s just in addition to dozens of other sports that you can stream live. Starting at $35 a month AT&T’s cord cutting service streams the channels via its app for mainly iOS and Android devices. Plus, to help subscribers save money the telecom giant does not charge subscribers when streaming via the service. So, its a win-win service for Reds fans! Click the button below to try the AT&T TV NOW for free:


Playstation Owners who are Reds Fans can Stream to their Hearts Delight

If you are not an 80s kid or had extremely strict parents, then you probably haven’t heard of the PlayStation yet. Regardless of your ignorance, it seems like Sony has taken a jibe at the streaming cable market with the VUE. Touted as a cable alternative for hipsters, people with no money or gamers who want to switch from Call of Duty to the Cincinnati Reds after half time it offers numerous sports channels. One of the channels worth noting for baseball fans is ESPN2 where you can catch live baseball action.

At $29.99 we don’t think the VUE is cheap, but it’s good because you can stream the Cincinnati Reds online via your PlayStation, iOS device, Amazon Fire TV, and Comcast.

If you’re looking for something better and possibly slighter cheaper, we have one more legal option!


The illegal, Redneck option that could get you jail time, but then again that’s where home is at…

Google “Cincinnati Reds free streaming online”. You’re bound to come across many foreign websites breaching copyright law and your privacy.