Over 50% of Cord Cutters Did So in the Past Two Years

While the the trend of cord cutting has continued strong, it doesn’t quite have the same headline-grabbing freshness of the past few years.

Searching Google Trends data shows that “cut the cord” search volume has flatlined a bit since 2015, but still remains high, and even more interestingly, the number of people actually cutting the cord continues to increase.

A recent report by The TDG Group suggests that over 50% of people who have cut the cord have done so in the past two years, and over one third of cord cutters did so in the past twelve months. So despite the fact that the “trend” isn’t getting as much press, people continue to cancel their cable subscriptions in favor of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and AT&T TV NOW.

From the article:

According to Michael Greeson, Co-Founder and Principal at TDG, the uptick in cord-cutting is due to a number of factors TDG noted nearly a decade ago, including high prices and the rise of on-demand services. TDG expects the threat of cord-cutting will continue to haunt operators for some time, even as video ARPU among existing subscribers heads south.

Cable companies have routinely argued that cord cutting was nothing but a buzzword, and that they weren’t actually concerned with the trend. But their actions seem to prove otherwise, as a large percentage of these traditional companies are now focused on building their own “skinny bundle” streaming services as well.

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(h/t DSL Reports)