The Boston Celtics are a famous American professional basketball team based out of Boston, Massachusetts. The Celtics compete in our beloved National Basketball Association as a member of the league’s Eastern Conference Atlantic Division along with The Knicks, Nets, Raptors and 76ers.  The Celtics were founded in the year of 1946 and are one of eight NBA teams (out of 23 total teams) to survive the league’s first initial decade.  Interestingly enough, the franchise’s seventeen championships are the most of any single NBA franchise and account for no less than 24.6 percent of all NBA championships since the league’s founding in 1946.  In fact, as a percentage of championships won total, the Celtics are the most successful franchise to date in the major four traditional North American professional sports leagues that are still extant today.

We Recommend: Hulu – The Best Way to Watch Boston Celtics Games Online

Our favorite option for NBA game live streams is Hulu. Their new service, Hulu Live is by far the best live streaming option out there for cord cutters and those without cable. With access to dozens of channels that feature Celtics games, including ESPN, Hulu is your best bet. The best part? A 100% free trial. Get access here:

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Fubo TV also offers Celtics game live streams

We’re always a little surprised by how few people know about Fubo TV. It’s a great streaming option for those who love watching sports online. They are a bit more expensive than Hulu (and don’t offer ESPN,  yet), but they do offer tons of other networks that feature Boston Celtics games, as well as countless other sports networks. Worth testing their free trial to see if it’s a good fit for you:

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Want to watch an out-of-market Celtics game online?

Let’s say you live in one state, but the game you want to watch is only being broadcast in a different state. Impossible to reconcile, right? Not anymore! You can use a VPN to set your device’s location to wherever the Celtics game you want to watch is being broadcast and use one of the above service to access it!


Stream the Celtic Game Live with Sling TV

One of the best options for streaming the Boston Celtics is with Sling.  Sling really slings it out, and it’s user-friendly too.  Sling TV is a pretty new and often thought of to be a better version of traditional cable that allows you to subscribe to several channels for a mere $20 up front.  Man, do they have options too.  These include things like actual, legit NBA games as well, at least some of them that are the most popular.  Basically, if the games that you are interested in streaming on ABC, TNT, TBS, or ESPN then you can watch them online using Sling and you can watch them live too.  This is perfect for any time that you might be on the road and away from a TV. Head over there now for a free trial.

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Watch the Celtics Play Live via AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW enables Celtics fans to stream the game live directly to mobile devices of their choice. AT&T TV NOW is a service which streams live television channels like ESPN and Fox Sports to mobile devices via the service’s app. Starting at $35 a month, subscribers aren’t just able to stream the Celtics or NBA in general but most other types of sports and entertainment. However, make sure to refer to the list of channels prior to subscribing to a particular package. You can also use the link below to give the service a shot for free.


Stream the Celtics on Network or Cable Television

The games for the Celtics can air on both the network television that they are hosted on as well as cable too.  Sometimes they are available on TNT, ESPN, CBS or NBC Sports.  To find out which one it is best to check your local or cable listings for that information, as it will depend on where you live.  You also can’t go wrong with the NBA homepage.  This is a sure fire way to find sites that stream the specific team that you’re interested in.  As the Celtics are one of the best and have the best record of them all, they won’t be hard to find.  In fact, the Celtics even have their own webpage just for them that offers streaming options.



Stream One or All of the Celtics Games with NBA League Pass

The NBA League pass is also a solid choice for watching the Celtics lay down some hurt on opposing teams.  This is probably the easiest streaming method that there is out there right now, and it’s almost effortless to sign up and very cheap too.  With the NBA game pass, all you have to do is subscribe to it, and the cost will be dependent on whether or not you want access to just the Boston Celtics or if you want access to other teams too.

Avoid the Dangers of Illegal Streaming – Be a Real Celtics Fan!

Trying to watch your favorite game on a free, illegal site just isn’t worth it. Your team needs your support to continue playing and giving you quality entertainment, and the few bucks you pay to watch a game on a qualified site helps your team in more ways than one. Not to mention the fact that these sites have bad quality video, (that is of course when the video of the game actually works), and the sites themselves are often rife with viruses, identity stealing bugs, and malware. All in all? A bad choice for any NBA fan. The best choice is the easy choice, and that’s watching your favorite games on a qualified streaming site.

Any recommendations for use? If you know of a place to watch legal, approved NBA games, whether live or recorded, drop us a web link in the comments below and we will update!