HBO Streaming Services Coming to PlayStation

hbo now subscriber numbers

PlayStation owners rejoice – your gaming console will soon be able to stream HBO Now, HBO’s standalone streaming service.

HBO has been loosening its grip on streaming as of late, launching HBO Now last year, which no longer requires a cable subscription to access shows like ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Silicon Valley‘ or the upcoming ‘Westworld.’

Most notably on that last part, HBO has gone all in on its newest series, so it makes sense that they will make it as easy as possible to get access. The new surrounding the series has seemed to point towards positive revelations, such as a delay for re-shoots to ensure quality, as well as a definitive start and end to the show, meaning it won’t be dragged on for years; there’s a certain end to the story already written.

HBO Now had been strangely missing from PlayStation for the longest time, but this latest move could create access to millions of new subscribers who own the gaming device.

“By expanding the ways that PlayStation users can access unparalleled programming like ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘The Night Of’ and ‘Last Week Tonight,’ we’re demonstrating our commitment to flexibility and quality,” said Jeff Dallesandro, HBO’s senior VP of worldwide digital distribution.

This deal will also include the ability to subscribe to Cinemax through their PlayStations as well.