The Oakland Athletics is obviously based in Oakland, California. The team is a member of the American League and Major League Baseball (MLB). The team’s home ground is, yup you guessed it right, Oakland-Alameda Coliseum.

The team’s claim to fame is, other than its sun-baked cheerleaders is the fact that it has won the World Series nine times, which makes it the third most of all current MLB teams.

If the Athletics are your favorite team, then be rest assured that there are ways to watch them nearly free online. It goes without saying that America’s most favorite sport is also a money maker so don’t expect any legal methods of streaming Oakland Athletics online being free.

We will first go over all the paid and apparently legal ways of watching the Athletics games online.

Stream the Athletics Game Live with Sling TV

Sling TV offers the cheapest alternative to a regular cable connection. In our opinion, if you want to stream Oakland Athletics for free online, this is the nearest you can get. Why? Well because $19.95 a month buys you not just ESPN and ESPN2 but loads of other sports channels. Plus, they very easy to use and a relatively bug-free app means that you’ll never miss an Oakland Athletics game again even if you’re stuck in the dorm.

Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

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Live Stream Every Athletics Game via DIRECTV NOW

The key to live streaming every Athletics game live and without cable is via a DIRECTV NOW subscription. The service is owned by AT&T which is why the company throws in free data streaming as an extra incentive. So, don’t restrict yourself to just watching the Athletics play when you can watch the entire regular season and the World Series too! Starting at $35 a month it does not break the bank either and happens to be a lot cheaper than regular cable. So, why not give it a shot for free by clicking on the button below!

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Watch the Oakland Athletics Online with

Officially, the page is for the MLB’s cable television channel but also serves as the league’s official page. So, apart from all the pictures, info and ads you also get a chance to subscribe. There are two types of subscribers, the first being people who have subscribed to the channel via their cable television providers. Obviously, a hipster like you wouldn’t have a television and so we’re assuming you don’t have cable. However, even then begging people around you who too are baseball fans could work.


The other option is to pay $20 a month to get a leg up on all the action that the Oakland Athletics star in. Their iPhone app is called At Bat Premium and that’s where all the goodies i.e. live streaming can be found once you pay or enter your subscription details. If you’re a big fan, we would advise getting a yearly subscription for $109.99 per annum.

If you find that official streaming service way too expensive, we have a few other alternatives for you.

Catch Athletics Highlights Streaming on YouTube

Yes! You can catch highlights, stats and previous games on YouTube. It’s not live, but it’s free. If you’re piss poor and don’t want to break the law and still enjoy a few games, then searching YouTube is your best bet.

Third-party, free and dubious streaming websites

You can Google terms like “Oakland Athletics free online streaming” and you’ll come across websites hosted in China, Russia, and even Korea. But these sites are breaking the law, and you by streaming from them will be breaking the law too! And with the law, you don’t get three strikes before you’re in!

Time to PLAY BALL! Go A’s.