Will There Be a Second Season of Star Trek: Discovery?

Live long and prosper, or so CBS has said.

Great news for fans of the new ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ CBS has just announced today that they have renewed the show for a second season, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not this new season of the show that hasn’t been on the air for decades will be coming back.

There has been some concern from Trek fans, that Discovery was going to be a scrubbed down version of the show’s ancestors, but thus far those fears have been squashed by what has proven to be a very successful show. Ratings have been strong as well.

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The most common complaint we get here though, is that ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is only available on CBS’s standalone streaming service Paramount Plus. People have been commenting to us that they refuse to sign up for another streaming service to get access to the show. Regardless, it doesn’t seem to matter enough to CBS, as they’ve definitely seen enough success from the show that they’ll be giving it at least a second season.

Will the second season of Discovery be on Paramount Plus?

From as far as we can tell, as of right now, the second season will follow the first season’s strategy, releasing the show weekly on their standalone streaming service. We’re not sure if the first episode of the second season will air on CBS.

When will the second season of Star Trek Discover be on Paramount Plus?

No current premiere date is set, but it sounds like it will be late 2018. The series saw lots of work put into production for the first season, but has likely worked out a production schedule that will allow for annual releases of new seasons if the success of the show keeps on track.

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